Saturday, July 16, 2011

Coalition Dharma and vote bank politics

Why the governments in power can not function efficiently?

If you think little hard, you will realize at the bottom of all this, is miss governance and coalition Dharma as our honest Prime Minister calls it and the vote Bank politics.

Of course, our PM or no politician would like to admit their vote bank politics they have been playing from the time of our independence, because it is a sly political strategy political parties follow, whether they want to accept or not. We have seen these under currents in many situations. In addition to these two reasons, there is a third reason too and that is more serious. And that is rampant corruption at all levels.

Let me elaborate here the situation as we need to see in perspective.

For example, the recent killing of J. Dey, the senior journalist. He was constantly working on the underworld activities and even wrote a book. His own intelligence must have been so collaborative and hard in substance that his "Expose" had to be a potential threat for many in our political circles, police administration and intelligence. His elimination by criminal minds and people who operate with the underworld thought it necessary.

What surprises is, J.Dey had all the information about underworld. But our intelligence and police don't  have. If fact, if police and our intelligence wanted to demolish the underworld, they could have used his information, worked together and succeeded in catching the local operatives in India who are working for Dons operating from outside.

Just imagine, one ordinary reporter can, with his intelligence, gather all the information on underworld and write a book, and our intelligence agencies  who have at their disposal all the resources including human and technical for intelligence gathering, can not?

I refuse to believe this. There is more than what you and me can see. and that is why the case is still not cracked and police are still clueless.This only reflects poorly on this government and the present Home Minster's ability as a minister to deal with crime and terror.

Three Bomb blast on 13th July was a result of this poor intelligence gathering and inefficient administration that works under Home Minister.

Some months back, there was a story about senior police officer involved in sex scandal. It was reported in the media that he is absconding? And after few days, there was a news, his body was found near railway tracks? Was that an accident? A suicide? Or was he eliminated? So that the sex scandal chapter got closed with his death and many names did not get exposed in the sex scandal? At the bottom of it, it is not incompetence of intelligence, it is largely corruption in the police and intelligence machinery.

This is again a question of accountability of the Minister in-charge.

The third case is of Maria and her boy friend Jerome who killed Neeraj Gorver mercilessly and for the gruesome murder, both should have been sent to gallows but got away with lighter punishment? Was it not a failure on the part of police machinery who gathers the evidence from the site and builds up the case for prosecution? What was it? The failure on the part of police prosecutor? The failure on the part of police to prove when tons of evidence was available? Was it a managed show? A perfect case of corrupt practices?

Now let us take the coalition Dharma that the PM is talking about.

As regards to coalition Dharma that the Prime Minister wants to follow very religiously, is also a part of political corruption that our honest Prime Minister is following. The shielding of A Raja, and Dayanidhi Maran was nothing but a corrupt practice followed by the honest Prime Minister.

Was it his honesty? Or his direct involvement in political corruption while following his coalition Dharma when the country is being looted?

On vote bank politics...

The records of Congress is very bad. When Afzal guru was to be hanged, Congress Chief Minister Gulam Nabi Azad told his leadership, if you hang him, there will be riots in our country. The terrorists, a criminal who is convicted and condemned by the judiciary with the judgement to hang him, Gulam Nabi Azad and many like him in this country got worried about their vote banks. They are more supportive of terrorists than the terror attacks on Indians.

People like Gulam Nabi Azad, Faruq Abdullha, Digvijaya Singh, Antule have made political statements of serious implication to give fodder to Pakistan and today Pakistan is saying boldly the terror is your own home grown phenomena and not as you constantly claiming coming from our soil. Because of irresponsible statements by these politicians, today Pakistan has turned tables on our sides to prove or keep shut.

Corrupt politicians like Ammar Singh and Abu Aazmi who openly support home grown outfits like IM and Seemi, are responsible for innocent Indians getting killed on the street. Where are they today? Not condemning the attacks? Once the smoke settles down,  there will be rush once by these corrupt politicians and human right activists to tell the world, don't not to point fingers at  people and organizations till you don't have sufficient evidence. They will tell us on in  TV channel debates, that they are innocent till they are proven guilty.? 

Now these human right activists and politicians like Abu Azmi don't think that all these innocents got killed and many may be lucky to survive may live like vegetables were also innocent people?
Have they visited the hospitals and the families who lost their loved ones? Have they ever? These are fake social activists who make their living on such insensitive political bias.They need to be condemned first because they don't even let the police do their job freely.

Is this not vote bank politics ? Then what is it? 

Dreaded terrorists Ajaml Kasab who killed many innocent people at CST  including children is  still a state guest at our cost. Even after court judgement, he is still not hanged. He is a terrorists who should be hanged in public square for other terrorists to know, what happens if they get caught. Why  is he been fed with Biryani at our cost?

And the most shameful politicians meeting him to ask if he is looked after well? Is he getting all facilities and has he any  complaints? What an utter disgrace?

Today, tax payers crores of rupees are spent on Ajaml Kasab and our Chief Minister and Home Minister Chidambaram are telling us in the press conference that due to lack of funds we are not as equipped as we should be? The terrorists are better equipped?

Dear Prime Minister, You are a finance expert,

If you stop spending crores of rupees on Ajamal Kasab and people like Afzal Guru who are fed by your government, that money will be sufficient to prepare intelligence and security forces to protect lives of innocent Indians. Don't you think?

Is his life important to you or hundreds of lives getting killed of innocent Indians?

Why are we getting killed in this Bomb Blasts because of your vote bank politics and coalition Dharma? Why are we not killing terrorists?

The innocent Indians are getting killed on the streets in terror attacks.  Because of your vote bank politics, your appeasement politics. The corrupt governance and administration at all levels are squarely responsible for so many innocent lives getting killed.

This is a war against terror the whole world is fighting. We don't need classroom lectures  from Rahul Gandhi, Digvijaya Singh and Chidambaram to teach us why you can't fight terror. If you can not, vacate the offices and let the able and competent take over to deal with this serious situation.

RR Patil must step down as his track record shows hundreds got killed because of his incompetent police and intelligence. He and Chidambaram must be held accountable. They are not in command to fight terror and crime that is on rise today all over India. They must quit by taking full responsibility for the failure of their departments. If their machinery is not working efficiently and if there is corruption, the heads are responsible for such a poor governance and therefore their heads must roll.

You can not mess up with serious issues. If you are not soldiers to fight on the mission, Step down. Quit. As simple as that.
Because, we are not ready to get killed. We are no more resilient nor brave anymore. When actually you lose your loved ones, your dear and near ones, these words are meaningless  and hollow.  They don't make any sense. They sound good in speeches not in real life.

Let all political class remove their own security around them like Rahul Gandhi, Digvijaya Sing, Chidamabaram, Kapil Sebal and many others who are enjoying security cover at our cost, then we will believe your word.  Let them first prove, we are with you in this fight against terror. We will believe it and take their word seriously.

We are not willing to die in this fight all by ourselves anymore.

Enough is Enough.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher