Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is the Prime Minister enjoying Independence and Freedom?

Is our Prime Minister working independently ??
or by the remote control from 10 Janapath?


I know, to say this is like, hitting below the belt. Especially when you say something like this about the most honest and sincere person like Dr Manmohan Singh. But the situation today calls for this concern, unfortunately. 

We have no constitutional head, no Prime Minister leading this nation and this office is hijacked by Sonia Gandhi and her loyalists like Digvijay Singh who are loyalists of Nehru Gandhi family. This lot is enjoying phenomenal growth in their powers and Swiss bank accounts. In the process, other political families like Karuna Nidhi, Jaya Lalitha, Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lallu Prasad Yadav, Amer Singh, Mayawati and many many more political personalities have enjoyed too exceptional growth in their fortunes and political power. They are all like in hand-and-glove relationship and are all involved in this national loot. 

In English there is an expression to describe this situation perfectly well.  
"You scratch my back, I scratch yours" This explains well.

For this situation, Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukharji, and so called all senior Congress loyalists to Nehru Parivar are squarely and completely responsible to let this hijack take place. 

Dr Manmohan Singh's press meet with senior editors was a pathetic attempt to prove it to people that he is in full control of his office and he is not operating by any remote control. He is not a lame duck. This press meet was a total sham because this idea was floated to use his clean and honest image to do white wash with public at large through senior editors. Who were all these senior editors? Like Kumar Ketkar whose views are known. The public knows whose side they are on. 

So this was to act as a propaganda machinery to lift up PM's image which has been taking beating for long with all the scams.

But by just saying, I am not a lame-duck does not prove anything. Because, his actions don't support and prove what he claims. He is not in full control of PM's office nor as the constitutional head of our country and that is a serious situation for all Indians to be concerned about today. 

Dr Manmohan Singh may claim anything, but the fact that person like Digvijay Singh, the congress General Secretary talks loosely in front of the national media, and  PM can not pull him up is a proof enough to prove, he is not in control at all. Digvijay Singh's statements to media that Rahul is now ready to take over as PM is a clear indication that, the PM is really not a power center. And the real power center is Sonia Gandhi. On her instructions everything moves. Her own satellites like Digvijay Sing are working on their hidden agenda for another hijack. Yes, Dr Manmohan Singh is a lame duck because, he is not showing his authority over others as a leader of ruling party neither his powers as the leader of this nation.  

In today's news papers, Digvijaya Singh has crossed his limits. His outrageous comments in the media is an insult of Judiciary. He has the courage to show sympathy towards politicians thrown in the jail openly and defy court rulings. He feels sorry for Suresh Kalmadi, Ashok Chavan who he think are innocent? He feels, they should not be in the jail? 

Just what does he mean by this, Dr Manmohan Singh? How dare he passes comments like this when the judicial proceedings are going on? 

He is your Congress party's General Secretary, and you let him insult our judicial process? Our constitution which we say is supreme? You allow his arrogance to this extent that you do not have the guts to pull him up and throw him out? Is it wrong on our part if we think you as a lame duck then?

How dare he talks about judiciary with such a contempt?

Looking at your silence, you are not just a lame-duck but also irresponsible, insensitive and incompetent leader of this country. Are you not committed by oath to protect the interest of this nation in every which way?

Is the coalition Dharma important or the national interest ? if you have to deliver the judgement as a Prime Minister

All senior congressmen like you for the sake of merely enjoying powers at the center have mortgaged this country to people who have nothing to lose but only gain from this powers. Yes, who are indirectly, remotely running your government. That is a fact. It is a shame that seniors like you and Pranab Mukharjee and many other congressmen who have spent many years in political and social life can not run this country with your experience and intellect that you need people like Sonia Gandhi whose academic backgrounds and experience in social and political domain is questionable.

And their only qualification is that they belong to Nehru Khandan? Nothing else.

This is a height of sycophancy by all the old Congressmen for the sake of enjoying powers. None of you have a national character and a national pride. The shame is, you all claim to be Congressmen that not too long ago Mahatma Gandhi also belonged to. But his lifestyle, his thinking, his pride about India, none of you from Congress are following it today in letter and spirit. It is an utter shame that, you people are not even remotely close to his thinking and his ideas about India. You people are so corrupt in your thinking that this country is being looted and you all are busy covering it up all.

But for the media's active role and few social activists like Anna Hazare, you are getting exposed day after day. But what is seen is just the tip-of-the-ice-burg.
Take the horrible railway accident that killed many lives. Who was in-charge of the Railway ministry? No one really. Your romance with Trinumal congress is responsible to take lives of so many innocents. The same romance with DMK is also responsible for the loot that is going on in this country. You are a mute spectator watching it happening under your leadership.

Are you in control or being controlled by remote control?

We may lack sense but we surely have common sense to see clearly who is doing the damage to this country. Take example of rotting food grains because storing facility is not sufficiently available. Who is responsible for that? Your agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar. Isn't it? But because of your coalition politics you don't dare hold him responsible who spends most of his time in BCCI and ICC cricket matches  The food grains are rotting at many places for the past 4/5 years. In our poor country where half the population goes to sleep without food, isn't it a crime to let the food go waste in millions of tons?

But who cares if common people die in train accidents or terror attacks or for lack of food? As a leader of this nation are you not responsible? You have given full freedom to your ministers to loot this country. Are you not a lame-duck? A weak Prime Minister? Or a PM without an authority?
Do you really have your own conscience?

That you allow people like Digvijay Singh, Karuna Nidhi and his family, A. Raja, Maran, Suresh Kalmadi, BSP, SP, Lalu Prasad, Amar Singh like characters loot this country? And then address the nation to say, I am not a lame-duck? In the last 60 years of independence, if anyone has allowed corruption to this massive scale in political class is your party in power.

Look at this track records.
Boffors scam, CWG scam, Adarsh scam, Oil scam, Natwar Singh scam, Lavasa scam, Defense scam, Telgi scam, Harshad Mehata scam, Land scams,Hasan Ali  scam.

And now we heard just yesterday in the news, the biggest of all scams, Coal scam of over 40lakh crores, looting of nation's black Gold. We also read in the news that, special favors  given by your ministers like Kapil Sebal to industrialists like Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani. All happening in your raaj. Who is looting this country and stealing tax payers money? Who is having Swiss Bank accounts in billions of dollars?

Please, don't get me wrong. I am not from BJP or any political party. I am from the civil society.

When it comes to poor governance, corruption, all parties have poor records. But some have worst records like Congress, BSP, SP. And Congress has been in power for most of the years after independence.

We feel rightly, about three possibilities...

1- This country is run on the remote control by someone else and not by our Prime Minister.
2- If not, you are not a competent leader who can lead this nation.
3- You just don't care about country being looted, and sticking to power is important at this age.

Whatever may the reasons, It surely sounds, for India it is a situation of grave concern.

The civil society concerns mainly are ...

1- This weak leadership is giving space to criminal elements to enter into politics.
2- It is allowing political class to keep looting this country.
3- It is creating power centers especially by powerful families which are allowed to control politics in  this country remotely and loot this country.

And because, we do not have powerful leader in place to lead this country with national interest and pride at heart, people of this country are made to pay heavy price while few are allowed to loot this country in day light.

We are not willing to take your word at face value any more after watching all these scams under your rule. You are surely not in control of anything sitting in PMs office and if that is so, it is dangerous for this country to allow you to carry on as the leader of this one billion nation. We can not see our country being looted just because, we have a PM whose leadership and conscience is in question.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher