Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who failed to protect the lives of Indians?

Home Minister P. Chidambram says : 
It is not a intelligence failure.

Rahul Gandhi says: 
Every bomb blasts can not be stopped.

The statements by Home Minister P. Chidambaram are insulting the intelligence of common man on the street and Rahul Gandh's statement is nothing but an insult to injury. 

These people move around with Black Commandos around them 24 X 7 at our cost and when it comes to our security they say, 

" we are doing our best to provide security cover to people at large. But you must understand, in places where there are crowded lanes, you can not expect police vigilance round the clock at every corner of the city."

Rahul Gandhi says, it is not possible to detect all bomb attacks by the intelligence. In other words, we can't provide you protection round the clock but we politicians will have Black Commandos around us 24X7 at your cost.

Isn't this an outrageous, insensitive and irresponsible statement?
For your information, Mr Chidambaram, Mumbai's every lane, road, buses, trains and railway stations are crowded all the time. It is unfortunate that our Home Minister makes a statement  which only shows that this government feels helpless and thinks fighting the battle against terror is hopeless.

The larger question is... do we have losers fighting the terror battle? 
 And if that is so, what business do they have to occupy Home Ministry?

We as a nation have witnessed 26/11. How casual approach and attitude was of our Home Ministers at both, center and state. Shivraj Patil and RR Patil, then Home ministers had miserably failed to stop 26/11.

Is it not a case of incompetent people sitting at the top who just can not deal with terror and crimes?

Today they are telling the nation, no efforts will be spared to bring the culprits to book. We will catch them very soon and nobody will be spared. These words we have heard in many press meets. They don't have any meaning. They are hollow words.

No case of any terror attack is cracked with success till today and criminals are booked. The cases are going on for years together in courts. The convicts condemned by the courts and sentenced to death like Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab are still not hanged. Crores of taxpayers money is being spent on these terrorists. 

How do you explain all this?  

This is giving strength and courage  to terrorists to attack India boldly knowing well, they can get away with murder in day light. Their support network locally is established in all major cities and Home Ministry has failed in crushing them at the roots. The corruption is another factor which is playing its role for buying people at local levels who want to make fast buck.

It is the failure of Home Ministry policies and style of working. Instead of owning the responsibility, the minister is trying to praise the state home ministry and police machinery, how excellent job they have been doing after 26/11. Chidambaram says, for the last 31 months there was not a single terror attack on Mumbai? This was to give a pat on the back of RR Patil, the state Home Minister. But we citizens don't think so.
It is a direct failure of administrative machinery of the Home Ministry and human intelligence failure of people like P Chidambaram and RR Patil.
HM Chidambaram says in the press conference, we did not have any inputs about this blasts. From the Center and also at state level intelligence.
What does all this mean to common people who are getting killed in every terror attack? And does the Home Ministry think the inputs are going to come from terrorists?  Home Minister is explaining at length how effectively post blast arrangements were made by the state government. How many ambulances arranged. How all hospitals got into actions, in his press conference.

What arrangements?  In all hospitals there was utter confusion, no one knew what is happening and worst of all, families were frantically trying to locate their loved ones. Even today, we are still watching it all live on TV channels. How citizens are helping injured people and there is an utter chaos in the hospitals.

Every time, these ministers speak in front of the TV cameras, they use same hollow words. Mumbaikars are brave, courageous. They are  resilient and don't get threatened by such cowardly attacks by terrorists. What is all this insensitive talk? It is rather irritating than complimenting any Indian, not just Mumbaikar..

Do Indians really have a choice? Can they afford to stay at home?

Be it Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Bangloor, or any metropolis. You will always see people back  to work next day. Does that mean, they are resilient and brave and courageous? Do they have a choice? In the mornings when they leave homes, they and their families are not sure whether they will meet again. They don't feel safe at all till they are back home. What courage and bravery are these politicians talking about?
We don't really want Rahul Gandhi to take our class who moves around with Black Commandos 24 X 7. It is not only irrational but also irresponsible statement.

Let all politicians move around on the streets of India like a common man without the security cover and then we will listen to their talk of resilience and courage. Rahul Gandhi's utterances have insulted the intelligence of common man on the street and it is rubbing salt on the wounds of people who have lost their loved ones just yesterday. The wounds are still bleeding and people have yet to come to terms.

Please do not play with our sentiments. If you can not do a job for which you all are elected...
just step down. Vacate the office.

Home Minister at the center and state should own responsibility and resign immediately.

Enough is Enough.

It is the government in power failed once again to save Mumbaikers.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.