Monday, July 4, 2011

Why Prosecution failed to send Maria Susairaj to gallows?

Dear Fellow City-mates,

It is high time, civil society must react strongly on such unfair judgements delivered where the killers are let go on just technicality in the law. Finally, at the bottom of all this is corruption. 

I am saying it because, this is a police case and police are not seen presenting their side about this failure to public at large and to the old parents who lost their young son. 

Where is the police? Why with this public outcry police commissioner is not briefing media where the prosecution has failed? 

The case was investigated by the police and evidence was gathered by police. Isn't it a failure on the part of police? Isn't it a failure on the part of public prosecutor to nail the killer with so much of evidence to prove that, Maria was a part and the main conspirator in killing of Neeraj Grover?

Shameless Maria is having a press conference, the convicted criminal in the case and our investigative agency which in this case is police, do not feel, they own any responsibility and explanation to public outcry?

Why Home Minister RR Patil is quiet?  What is the responsibility of the Home Ministry? How can we have a faith in such a security agencies which fail to convict the killer with so much of information on the evidence ? And still fails to send the killer to gallows? 

Isn't there something more to it than what is seen and heard? 

Prosecution was weak in its arguments. Was it deliberate? Prosecutor has nothing to say on his failure. Was he managed? Police is quiet. Not saying anything. And justice is denied. The old parents of Neeraj Grover are feeling helpless and cant take this metal torture.

The worst is, killer Maria holds a press conference with her advocate to prove her innocence and the in the press conference, her insensitive advocate is showing the photograph of the pieces of the body on national TV?  How can anyone be so cruel ? This was an outrageous act and equally insensitive on the part of electronic media to show such a photo. How can media too be so insensitive and immodest?  Don't we have any respect left for others feelings? Have we become so cruel ? Look at every thing with monetary gains?

It was an insult to injury for the old parents of Neeraj Grover and an absolute disrespect towards their sentiments. Media sometimes go overboard and like to sensationalize every news.As a civilized society we must know where to draw a line.

The annoying part of this episode is, we have elected governments, we have home ministry,  the security agencies work directly under the home ministry and we don't hear a word from them? The effective governance is not seen? Otherwise, we have seen commissioners taking press briefs, but this time, there is no word from either Home Minister or the Commissioner of police. 

Why is it that the civil society has to take on the streets to put a pressure on the Home Ministry every time for justice? Shouldn't it be naturally delivered? The corruption in this country has gone to such a level that nothing can be ruled out. 

One thing for sure, it is difficult times ahead for ordinary citizens if the political system remains unchanged. We are losing faith in the governance and we can not expect fair trials and justice done under such corrupt system.

The political system is largely responsible for this corruption and inefficient administrations at all the levels. Letting killers like Maria Susairaj going free on technical grounds is something not digestible as the honorable judge in this case must have gone by the technicality of the laws applicable and in the absence of weak arguments by the police and prosecutor, judgement had to be delivered. This is where the police and prosecution have failed and it raises many questions.

Why the prosecution failed to send the killers to gallows? It raises more questions than answers.

Ajay Angre
Authoer, Writer, Publisher