Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am not a lame -duck ! Says our Prime Minister.

PM: I am a PM in-charge.

Our PM Dr Manmohan Singh was given an idea by his core team, his disaster management team, where Kapil Sebal, Chidambram, Ahemad Patel, Divedi, and few others advised PM what to do when the ship is sinking like. This time they advised him to have press meet every week to talk to media and clear the air about yourself. So last week he met senior editors of newspapers.

And what happened in the press meet?

There were five select senior editors of the newspapers. I am saying selected  senior editors because they all were friendly editors to this  Congress government like Kumar Ketkar. Then we knew what  this press meet is all about. A propaganda machinery of this government. And soon the proof was there to see after the meet. When Kumar Ketkar was asked by the electronic media, he said,  it was indeed a good interaction between media and PM. 

And How was it, good? So listen to this what Kumar Ketkar had to say...
PM was very open and  answered all the questions very frankly. And what did PM say?
PM Said; I am not a lame-duck as the opposition has been trying to project me.It is not true.

My comments :Agreed. You are not a lame -duck,  but you are not an efficient, strong PM either!
You don't make decisions in time, you appoint wrong people in the positions of  importance who are corrupt. (for example CWC appointment of Mr Thomas)

You allow corrupt people like A. Raja, Dayanidhi Maran, Suresh Kalmadi to make financial loot and do not remove them till Supreme Court questions your government.
You allow your own Congressmen like Digvijay Singh to say it openly, it is time Rahul Gandhi should take over as a Prime Minister because that is what the youth of this country wants. And you don't react.
CBI like investigative agency is used selectively by your government against your opponents and you are quiet, What should the civil society think about you as PM? Sincere? Honest? A man of integrity?

When innocent people, women, children, old men, girls, boys were brutally beaten at midnight in their sleep when they were not a threat to security and law and order, You kept mum, did not say anything. And when there was big outcry against this excesses committed by police of Delhi when the whole world was watching it on the national TV channels, You justified the cruel act committed by Delhi police in connivance with your Home Minister P.Chidamabaram and Kapil Sebal?

So obviously, civil society thinks, are you led by these people around you, or you are leading this nation? 

Because, you can never justify the action of Delhi police at midnight on innocent people who were brutally laathi charged. Tear gassed.

PM said: There is no Magic Wand to remove corruption over night.

My comments: Yes, you are right. We understand no one has the magical formula to eradicate corruption over night. We are not that gullible to believe that anyone can.

But this loot of the nation is going on for years and that is how billions of dollars are kept by Indian politicians, their relatives, business community in Swiss accounts and other tax heavens. 

Show us one LAW you introduced in the parliament to catch these offenders or rather looters of tax payers money?  It is now last 43 years we are talking about LOKPAL Bill, not one week, one month or one year, 43 years have passed and this bill is not passed by parliamentarians till today..Why? Why all politicians do not want this Bill in the strongest form? Why all civil servants who have been in the public offices with powers to misuse, should not be made answerable and accountable?

You don't require MAGIC WAND, You need political will for good governance.
Unfortunately, because the ruling class lack this will clearly, there are scams after scams and day light loot is going on under your leadership. This is what was expressed by one of the most respectable senior Editors Mr Ram of Hindu today on the national TV.

He said, there is no accountability,  no sincerity , no honesty in civil servants today. It is unfortunate, he said, we have the most honest Prime Minister but he is ineffective as a leader and in his raaj, this day light loot is going on and he is only a spectator sitting and watching his ministers looting this country.
He further said....There is no proactive approach nor preemptive approach by the government. 

It is completely a mismanaged show and a miss governance to the core.

This press conference by the PM is nothing but a sham, white wash of a kind by Congressmen and again they are using, misusing this honest PM. But, to our misfortune, he is also willingly playing in their hands so he becomes knowingly or unknowingly,  part of this larger game in the loot. Unfortunately.

Dr Manmohan Sing,

We the civil society and even the section of the media who are doing an excellent job of exposing scams will not take your word at a face value. Because media today and the Supreme court is actually exposing the wrong doings by the political class.

Your press meet is more like a Gobel's propaganda to mislead people at large by saying, opposition is trying to paint you as a bad cop. But I am really a good cop and I am not a lame-duck.

It is difficult to take your word at a face value as the water has gone over the bridge and your governance and leadership is in question. These type of press meets will only splash headlines by your select few editors like Kumar Ketkar to present your image as a good cop. But today citizens are not in a mood to take your word.

As a leader of this one billion people, you got to own the responsibility for all the scams and rampant corruption and the loot by people at high places. Your romance with people like DMK, AIDMK, SP BSP whenever you need to prove your majority on the floor and buying them with either loads of cash or favors in exchange is proof that the corruption is promoted by all political parties and in the process everyone is looting this country.

In this situation, when the people around you like, Digvijay Singh and many others like Chidamabaram, Ahemad Patel, Sharad Pawar, Supriya Sule, Gandhi family, all these names are taking rounds in public domain for having involved in corruption and having stashed their money in Swiss accounts. 

Can you expect aam admi to believe your word, it is all false and there is no iota of truth in whatever the stories we read in the media? Have you not lost the credibility with your own ministers going behind the bars?

Yes we know, Dr Manmohan Singh is an honest man. Non corrupt too. But what about others who are with him? And especially when they are getting exposed one after another in scams every day?  We do respect Dr Manmohan Singh,  but not our Prime Minister whose job is to take care of the national interest first and make sure this country is not going in the hands of looters. And it is happening we all can see under your leadership. How do we take your work at a face value when so much is revealed and exposed by media? 

No, media is not a witness, prosecutor and judge as you said in your press meet.

Media is doing what ideally should have been done by the government investigative agencies long time back. And you should have instructed to preempt or should have been proactive in exposing these scandals in all honesty. Which you as a leader and PM did not do. And this space was found by media and social activists who with a deep concern about corruption from top to bottom tried to bring it to your notice several times but you failed to see the writings on the walls. Media has been doing an excellent  job of exposing wrongs committed by your ministers. You need to appreciate that and admire their efforts for any good citizen should be doing in the larger interest of the nation. And media is an important pillar of a healthy democracy.

Today, this entire nation is watching you. If the job entrusted to you to lead this nation as PM, are you doing it Sincerely and honestly?

We are getting negative answer on this question. There is a large gap between your words and your action.

We see a different picture of you being tagged along with the rogues who are deeply involved in the loot and then think, this press meet is another publicity stunt to fool around with the masses at large and also use the occasion  to pass on the buck to opposition and others cleverly.

No. That is really not on.  We will not buy any stories anymore. We have a book of stories from last 63 years and we want to put an end to it.

We still respect you as an honest person. But we want to see Action now. Action speaks volumes more than words. An honest action. Not really press meets and newspaper's hollow headlines churned out from your own propaganda machinery. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher