Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shameless Ram Gopal Verma Thriller

 Dear Fellow City-mates, 

I was in utter shock yesterday to see Maria Susairaj's press conference. What was she trying to prove to the world? That she is innocent and we are all fools?

Can you imagine today in our country, people commit a heinous crime, get involved with murder, go to supper market, buy a knife, then chop the human body in 300 and odd pieces, stuff it in gunny bags, cart it in a car to burn it to destroy the evidence...  And take a press conference to prove their innocence? 

Yes, we may not be as smart as you are Maria, but certainly we are not fools to believe your cock -and-bull stories. Your crock tears, and your utter shameless attitude towards those parents who lost their young son because of you. He was killed in your flat. He was cut into pieces in your flat.  His body was disposed off, burned and destroyed by you and your boyfriend.

And you are telling us you are innocent? Or you are telling the world how I fooled you all?

And you don't have the conscience to keep quiet being a part of criminal conspiracy and you are shamelessly posing the cameras and media to prove you are innocent? What do you think the world will buy your stories?

You could not face the pointed questions thrown at you by media reporters. May be your advocate in his smart argument took the advantage or disadvantage of  the loop holes in the Indian laws and managed to prove to the court that you were forced and your life was threatened by your boyfriend if you don't help him in disposing off Neeraj Grover's body and therefore you performed all the heinous acts such as cutting the body into pieces, buying a knife, garbage bags, then stuffing the body in the gunny bags, then carting it away to burn it. 

Ram Gopal Verma saw a jaw dropping thriller in your story that can chill the blood of audience and he can make money. He thought who could be better person for this role for the heroin than Maria herself !. Yes, he is right, who can do a perfect act of this heinous crime than Maria herself?

And Rmau did not stop there, he said, when questioned by media about how he can even think of such insensitive idea? He said, why not? For me, everything is a publicity and film making itself is a publicity in the social context.  Ramu you are absolutely right but for one small issue.

Your 26/11 story with Ritesh Deshmukh. Then CM  Vilasrao Deshmukh lost his CM position. Because of your outrageous and insensitive presence in Taj when it was still burning.. 

Ram Gopal Verma you got exposed here !

We have not forgotten as yet your taking a tour with Ex Chief Minister of Maharashtra Vilasrao Deshmukh and his son Ritesh immediately after 26/11 carnage in Taj Hotel where so many lost lives. Many families lost their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, relations and you had gone with the CM of Maharashtra with Ritesh to see how you can produce a film on 26/11. Isn't it right Ramu? When the blood on the floor had not even dried, wounds were not healed and people who lost their loved ones had not even come to terms with life. 

That hour of the time when whole nation was in chill, Taj was still burning, the 72 hours, minute by minute blood chilling video broadcast had left this nation and its citizens in horror. Stunned with the terror unleashed on India.  You and Ritesh Deshmukh were studying Taj corridors, how this can be pictured to make it a Box office hit. 

But do you remember Ramu, when public anger and sentiments ran high on your act with CM and his son, you denied by saying, it was merely a co incidence that I was with Ritesh and was simply invited to join them on the Taj tour?  ( Of course we all knew it was a bloody lie)

So Ritesh Deshmukh and you were taking a tour in Taj hotel where you both had no official business to be there but you both were there was a mere co incidence you had told the media that time if you remember.

Today, on Neeraj Grover murder case, you are telling the media, you don't see anything wrong in making a film on this murder story because it makes an interesting subject for you and you are into film making, so every interesting  subject inspires you. That means, taking a tour of Taj corridors with CM and Ritesh Deshmukh after 26/11 was too a well thought out plan and you were collecting a reference material from TAJ corridors so that you can produce a film with more reality in your direction and creating real situations to make it a Box office hit. 

How can you stoop so low Ramu? You exposed yourself yesterday candidly by making outrageous statements in front of the media.

You don't even think about the people who lose their loved ones in such horrifying crimes. Ramu, they are human beings and not just that, the parents who lost their young son who got mercilessly killed, for no fault of his or theirs, gruesomely chopped and burned, you think of making a film?

Just tell us in all honesty, had it been your son or your daughter, would you have thought of making a film to make money? May be you will say yes, because, by now we should know, people like you are shameless and have no human values. 

It does not make any difference to you and people like you if someone loses a son, a daughter, a father or a mother, a sister or a brother or a friend, as long as it makes a chilling story and can make money for you, you will do it.

But Ram Gopal Verma, there are film makers who produce films to deliver a social message through their films to benefit society at large and not just to make money. If people in our society have become insensitive, ruthless, cruel for each others blood, and if there is a degeneration of human values in the society, make a film on that giving a message to audience, let us be human first. Respect human values and show respect towards the other fellow citizens. Don't be selfish and self-centered like Maria Susairaj. 

Maria is a criminal and she should be treated like a criminal. She has no remorse for the heinous crime she has committed and she has no respect for the parents who lost their young loving son. She was acting all along in the press conference which was called yesterday and only trying to gain the sympathy of people. But she and her advocate miserably failed to do so because, people are not fools. 

Ram Gopal Verma, don't make her a heroin by glorifying her

Her press conference of yesterday was to get a media publicity and land up a role in Big Boss or a get offers in films.

The civil society condemns her criminal offense and do not for a minute support such characters who are a bad influence in our society. This verdict of the court in this case has hurt the sentiments of all the citizens and Neeraj Grover's parents in particular.

So Ramu,, don't try to hurt the sentiments of the people at large and the parents of Neeraj Grover. We will not approve it and appreciate it.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

PS: I want you to react to this serious crime committed and the shameful act of Maria holding a press conference to tell the world how innocent she is.

PS: Write your strongest comments to condemn this killer in support of Neeraj 's parents who are in pain today. Your support will make them feel little better in the time of their grief and sorrow. They need few words of support from you to give them the strength to fight this case in higher court till proper justice is done.