Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Home Minister with wrong priorities !

Should We Have Home Minister who is insensitive?

Whose job priorities are wrong and messed up? 

This country is witnessing second Home minister whose priorities are not just wrong but messed-up. May be, was he thinking, bomb blast are nothing new to this country and to me as a Home Minister and it can take second priority.?
 Union home minister attending a Bollywood music launch hours after serial blasts in Patna, only shows how serious our Ministers in Home affairs are. It proves again and again, who have we handed over our lives for safety and security? Who we are depending on to protect our lives?  The serial bomb blasts taking place just before BJPs massive rally was to start and Narendra Modi, BJPs Prime Ministerial candidate who has been on terrorists target by terrorists groups within and outside was to address the rally along with all senior BJP cadre, the topmost  concern  of the Home Minister the minute he learnt about  the serial blasts, should have been ... this is serious and I need to be there first. The attitude and approach was casual.                          There was an intelligence information that was passed to Bihar top police authority. They did not take the intelligence input seriously as it looks from the first information.                    Extra precautions were not taken by any security agency for such a mega event. When 4 to 5 lakh people were expected to attend the rally, why was there such a security lapse? The bombs were planted in and around the ground. Had those been the powerful bombs, the loss of life could  have been unimaginable, may in thousands? Who should be held responsible for such irresponsible attitude?                                                                                 In our country even the state Home ministries are showing incompetence in dealing with the terror modules. and that is why we see terrorist attacking India whenever they want.    
                                                       In the first place, it is a complete failure of the Home Ministry to fight terror like a war. It is a total failure of the home ministry to continuously gather information by our intelligence agencies on terrorist activities within the country which, because of vote bank politics by Congress, SP, JDU is getting the lowest priority. Which means, communal politics is taking higher priority over deaths of the citizens of this country in terror attacks.                                                If people are dying in terror attacks, let it be, our politics is important.
How can Home Minister be so insensitive who thinks of attending a Bollywood Music Launch when citizens were dying? What is his responsibility as a Home Minister? To protect the lives of people for which tax payer money is spent in millions? Just because, these politicians move around in Z Plus security, politicians do not understand what death means? Someone losing father, someone brother, husband, some their son or daughter in terror attacks are the loved ones of the families.
Do these politicians understand the value of human life ? Have they ever visited to find out what the pain of a mother is whose son is living in a vegetative state? A woman who lost her husband and finds life so tough to survive in the world with small growing children? Old parents, whose only son, also the sole earning member of the family losing him ?. They do not know how to deal with the day to day life?  Have anyone from this political class tried to find out how are the victims of bomb blasts living their lives? Has even Human Right Activists ever visited these victims who keep talking loudly in TV debates, about Human Rights for the terrorists? 
The outrageous news is about senior Congressmen like Salman Khurshid, Digvijay Singh talking rubbish that only shows their utter insensitivity and arrogance. The congress has become not only arrogant but insensitive and cares a damn about innocent people dying in terror attacks.

It was BJP who displayed calmness and political maturity by not spreading fear among  2 to 3 lakh people who had gathered at the ground. If had there been a panic created by breaking the news on serial bomb blasts in and around ground, there would have been a complete chaos and thousands would have lost their lives in the stampede.  Why is it that these senior most Congress politicians do not apply their minds on what was right thing to do under the circumstances? Instead of admiring the way BJP senior leaders handled the situation in the most matured way till the end, Salman Khurshid, Jagdambapal, Manish Tiwari and Digvijay Singh are trying to score a political brownie? Playing politics over deaths just to target Mr Modi and BJP?  We now know, this their cheap political games they have been playing with this country for the last 65 years and fooling people.
 This only proves one thing, Congress just plays its political game every time it sees an opportunity to target BJP or Mr Modi. Had they been all honest, they all would not have defended Sushilkumar Shinde wrongly. But today, Congress`s honesty and credibility is completely eroded.and exposed.                                                                                The congress party is of fake dishonest, insincere people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ajay Angre                                                                                                                                                 Author, Writer, Publisher.               

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