Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nitish Kumar and his Political Dishonety!

Nitish Kumar calling Narendra Modi Fascist, Hitler ! 

Nitish Kumar seems to changing the track with what he needs to answer on his own failure in stopping serial bomb blasts in and around the ground where BJP massive rally was scheduled to take place. 7 innocents lost their lives and over 80 got injured. Some are in serious state struggling with life. But thank God...when there was a crowd of about 2 to 3 lakh already on the ground, the bigger casualty was not witnessed with panic and stamped. BJP leadership handled the sensitive situation with great deal of maturity and responsibility till the end. 

To blame BJP for not cancelling the rally is provocative, irresponsible and politically motivated statement. 

This has happened because of a casual attitude and careless approach by Nitish Kumar`s administration, state Intelligence agencies. When a high profile person like Narendra Modi is on the terrorists target, how can Nitish Kumar take such a casual approach with his own state arrangements on security measures? 

Finally, in such a serious lapse, it is only obvious that Buck stops at Nitish Kumar. 

He should have been extra careful in providing enough security arrangements in and around the venue. This was not done and imagine, someone could easily slipped- in, kept 15 bombs, in and around the ground and executed the serial blasts so smartly, security  was caught unaware. and was rattled, 

If the number of casualties and deaths would have been in thousands since 4 to 4 lakh people were there on the ground, Nitish Kumar`s JDU, Congress, SP would have held Narendra Modi responsible for deaths and also propagated, for political advantage, this is exactly what we were saying, Modi who is a divisive figure, should not come to Bihar to create communal tensions? This would have been their lines to media to cover their backs. 

But Nitish Kumar... what about your own responsibilities? 

By attacking Narendra Modi so furiously, are you trying to divert the focus from the serial blasts where because of your negligence 7 innocents died, hundreds got injured ? 

How is it that the terrorists are operating from your own state and your state intelligence doesn't know ? The IM operatives are living there, and executing terror plans to kill people in thousands ? Isn't there something wrong? Whose failure is it? Is this not because of your vote bank politics, state police and intelligence are not effectively dealing with the underground terror activities in your state ? 

You and your future alliance partner Congress are both responsible for playing communal politics because, suspected activities are not monitored, close watch on the criminals is not kept, and intelligence is not pro-actively working to catch the culprits in time? 

Today you are calling Narendra Modi fascist and Hitler and joining hands with Congress for your political motives . On what flimsy grounds you claim yourself secular, and Congress secular ? And claim, this is one common factor for you both to have political alliance? Is Congress secular? Are you seriously thinking so? Forget about BJP and Narendra Modi... But to call Congress secular, either your memory must be failing you or your selfish political ambitions have driven you insane. 

In 1975, this same Congress had imposed Emergency. Put Jayprakash Narayan and many of you in the jails. It was dictatorial rule of Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi that strangled Indian Democracy for their own selfish political gains. Exactly like Hitler did with his opponents. Have you forgotten that? Or you have forgotten JP and his movement against corruption and fascist Congress? 

Was it not a fascist rule in India imposed by Congress president Indira Gandhi ? What an hypocrisy to say today, Congress is secular and Narendra Modi is fascist? Hitler? 

Who will buy this argument of yours? Only Congress but not the people of Bihar. 

Just because You are getting a special package for your state from the Congress to buy your political loyalty, You are calling Narendra Modi a fascist? Hitler? 

There can not be so much cheating in ideological thinking. When JP was fighting against Autocratic, fascist and corrupt Indira Gandhi `s dictatorial Rule, It was Congress then and it is the same Congress now too. Nothing has changed since then except your own political thinking. 

Nitish Kumar, it is called opportunistic politics. 

Your calling Narendra Modi, Fascist and Hitler, is also your politics of opportunism. Your secular claim also is your politics of convenience. You sharing dais today with the third front leaders is also your politics of convenience. If politics of convenience is your political ideology today, you are cheating on people of your own state and fooling the countrymen. 

You are exposed today for being politically correct.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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