Monday, October 28, 2013

Digviay Singh Twits irresponsibaly, again!

Why every time, when there is terror attack, 
Digvijay Singh makes irresponsible comments ?

Why Dr Manmohan Singh can not reprimand his own Congressmen like Digvijay Singh on such outrageous utterances to divert the attention of the people? 

Is the Prime minister not in control of his own government ? 

Or is this a plan by somebody in the Congress to give clean chit to terrorists organization 
like IM ?  

It must be thoroughly investigated by intelligence, because his irresponsible comments are directly supporting the IM module working from Indian soil and offering political support to Pakistan ISI trained terrorists getting away with the clean chit from India. Why ?

Simply because Indian politicians doubt RSS, BJP or VHP every time there is terror attack.  

Is someone  trying to help Indian Mujaheddin? Is someone  working for ISI ? 

What is he trying to prove? This needs to be seriously dealt by law and  he must be asked to prove his allegations or face serious consequences. How can he get away every time with a serious allegations ? Does law of the land allow such loose talk on national security?  He must be questioned. 

For Digvijay Singh, it may be a political agenda of his Congress party, but for us,  it is not. It is a matter of life and death.for us. It is we, the common people on the street who are getting killed in these tewrror attacks. It is one thing to play politics and entirely another when it comes to safety and security of the people. Is he and his Congress party thinking about that?

He may be thinking it is a master stroke by him to put BJP, RSS, Modi on a back foot in defense,  but then it is as irresponsible and irrational politics. 

The BJP leadership and Narendra Modi showed an exceptional political maturity and responsibility by not uttering a word about the serial blasts till the end. They all appealed to masses to be quiet and leave the ground peacefully. This was the political maturity displayed by BJP leaders. 

And Digvijay saw serial blasts as political opportunity to put BJP and RSS in the dock? Will anyone in right frame of mind think, buy his logic that RSS, BJP or VHP has a hand in these blasts? Would they sabotage their own rally?  It is a mischievous provocation.

He is being used with a plan by Congress party to get political advantage with communal angle to please the vote banks. But it is a dangerous game he is playing to fan the sentiments of the communities. How is the Prime minister keeping quiet?

His instant twit
on Bihar serial blasts where innocent Indians died and hundreds got injured is not only mischievous, but down right condemnable  and deserves serious cognizance.
Since it is a habit by Digvijay Sing and many other congressmen to make such irresponsible statements in the media, either to score a brownie or please vote banks when there are terror attacks, it strengthens the doubt whether this a well planed political strategy to target RSS, BJP, Mr Modi to show as the culprits?

How does he makes such sweeping statements against RSS, BJP or Modi when there is still Blood around, people are bleeding, dying ?

And if Congress top brass does not think  there is anything wrong in making such an outrageous, irresponsible statements, it is then a larger conspiracy that needs to be investigated. It is possible, someone is working for outside forces and getting paid ? Someone like ISI is provoking ? So the real terrorists are camouflaged, and can keep executing their terror plans without anyone raising doubts about them?

The people of India are viewing  Digvijay Singh comments seriously. 

Congress must watch-out !.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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