Friday, October 25, 2013

Rahul.. Finally You Exposed Your Communal Agenda!

What a Fake, Dishonest Claim by Rahul Gandhi?

Listen to his dramtic speech in Rajasthan.....
Yeh Log Aag Lagaa te hai, Jaise Mujafarnagar main Lagaya, Gujarat main Lagaaya, 
Aur Meroko Aag Boozaana Padta Hain !! 
This is a good line for "Jordaar Talyaa!!!" All the paid people from the audience, Congress got them at the venue in truck loads were watching a Bollywood Film.."Himaatwalla"
Rahul... there is something gone wrong while you were studying in the school. 
We all are taught to speak the truth, always. Either You have not learned why it is good to be honest in life or You on your own have learned why dishonesty is the best policy in politics? 
Can you try and be Honest with your honest electorate.?? Or You think they are emotional fools by default?
When the Muzafarnagar riots took place, Rahul Gandhi did not utter a single word in the media, he did not even bothered to visit the place. He was invisible during that time avoiding media. Because what can he say in the media? SP is his alliance partner and he needs their political patronage whenever their boat is rocking? 
His first reaction about Muzafarnagar riots appeared in the media after one month, that too, he thought, now is a grand political opportunity to blame BJP to prove communal and Congress  Secular. 
Political agenda: Blame BJP and Narendra Modi for the riots. 
Can you imagine, He is using 2002 and Muzafarnagar riots for his election campaigns to get minority votes from people.
He and his Congress party is playing a communal card to divide this country on communal lines When people have suffered mental trauma, lost their loved ones, in an unfortunate flare-ups?  When people have lost their loved ones on both sides, Hindus and Muslims, why should he talk over it and deliberately flare-up communal tensions again between two religious groups?  What is the rationale? 

Only one point agenda. Divide and Rule.
In his Rajasthan speech, where he became emotional about his personal family loss and said ..
My grandmaa was killed by them... My father was killed by them... And They will kill me too !!  But I don't care. I am willing to die for you people.
Very good dialogue packed with tragedy, emotions, sacrifice,and love for the country. This was a Bollywood script written by his unintelligent publicity mangers sounds like.
Mere pass... Gadi Hai, Bungla Hai, Swiss Bank Account Hai, Plane Hain, Robert Vadra Hai... Aur Maa Hai!!!  Tumhare Pass Kyaa Hain?? 
Rahul Gandhi... People are no fools. Why dont you talk of 1984 Riots when your own Congressmen burned, killed innocent Sikh men, women and Children? Dont you think your Congress sponsored killings in Delhi was genocide? Was it not communal violence?
Why are you fooling poor people who are worried about their daily one time meal ? Your emotional appeal, your honesty, does not think for a minute, thousands of Sikh families too lost their loved ones in 1984 riots ? 
Have you given justice to them till today?
Are those all congressmen who planned the riot in 1984 to kill Sikhs, convicted and sent to jail? 29 years now... and Sikhs have not got justice yet? Why don't you first give them justice ? 
And then talk about your secular ideology.
Till then all your secular claims are FAKE and only your Election agenda to get votes from minorities. People are smart to understand how you and your fake Secular Congress is trying to divide communities on cast and religious lines.
Finally You exposed yourself...You proved, Your agenda is Communal. Secularism for you is a MASK for you to get votes from people. 

Finally... Your speech every time exposes your Dishonest character. And today that is unacceptable to citizens of India who are looking for a Honest leader.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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