Saturday, October 26, 2013

Prime Minister: I am Helpless!

PM Confession: I am a puppet of this government! 

What has been feared for the last 9 long years of Dr Manmohan Singh´s Role in the government is finally proved to be right perception by many political analysts. Even by ordinary people of this country who have commonsense. 

PC Parakh, the former Coal Secretary has exposed the rot in the government many of us were suspecting. 

It is all out in the public domain now and slowly skeletons from Coalgate cupboard are tumbling out. This is the most shocking disclosures by PC Parakh that within the Coal ministry there is active coal mafia operating? 

We had heard about Sand mafia, Oil mafia, Sugar mafia, land mafia who are integral part of this government. We only had heard it. But today, the insider is disclosing how mafia operates within the government. 

Mr PC Parakh in frustration put in his papers and wrote to PM why is he feeling frustrated on the job? He in his personal meeting with the Prime minister, brought it to his attention long back in 2005 how mafia is operating in the Coal ministry. Two sitting MPs from parliament who he named, to PM, one from Congress, his own party and another from BSP, were demanding huge bribes. The same mafia in the Coal ministry was asking to sell his conscience and trying to blackmail him. 

That`s the time he resigned and met the Prime Minister to brief him about Coalgate scam. 

All this was brought to the notice of Prime minister personally by him. And what was Prime Minister`s reaction? 

" I know all the wrong things going on, but in our democracy, we can hardly do anything to correct the wrong however you wish? So continue your job we will deal with it later." This was his reaction to PC Parakh. 

This showed Prime Minister´s personal frustrations and helplessness on the job. 

And today his helplessness has been the only reason cashed by the same mafia in every ministry and this country is being looted in front of Dr Manmohan Singh who is a mute, silent spectator. He thinks he can hardly do anything? 

Then these important questions need to be answered : 

Who is then running the Government if not PM ? Who makes decisions, if Not PM ? Who allows mafia elements to operate within the government ? 

Because of his silence, and the shocking disclosures by insiders, Today He himself is under the scanner. PM is questioned by not only the leading opposition, but also by the people of this country. His honesty is questioned for a very long time. His style of working is questioned. His silence is questioned. 

Now with this exposure, there is every reason to ask all these questions. 

Anna Hazare movement against corruption in the government by politicians and ministers by civil right activists was systematically attacked by this government. Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi all involved in this apolitical movement were targeted and subjected to scrutinies. There is a vicious political campaign run by few Congress ministers against all of them.

And what was their crime? Demanding Zero tolerance for corruption. 

Demand for elimination of corrupt criminal politicians from politics. Was there anything wrong in the demands? It was because of the same corruption in the ministries which is come out now in open. 

On this background, now that we are told, there are mafia groups working in this government to grab every opportunity to loot this country....then it is possible the same mafia in Congress must be worried and targeting Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Narendra Modi ? 

So that their interests are not hurt? Their loot is not stopped? They are not caught? 

If mafia can eliminate activists who come in their ways, like sand mining, land grabbing, If mafias can suspend honest IAS officers like Ashok Khemka and Durga Shakti, why should we not suspect, Anna Hazare, Narendra Modi are also same mafia targets working in this government? 

This is possible Looking at the way civil society movement was crushed against the same corruption in the Congress government, the same mafia raaj can destroy this country with sheer misuse and abuse of political power. 

Why should  you rule out that possibility by the mafia in the government?

Dear Prime Minister, The biggest crime against the nation can only be for keeping quiet when the looting is going on with your knowledge ...and YOU keep protecting the criminals when you are fully aware about the loot. 

PC Parakh, the honest former Coal Secretary today is made a sacrificial goat? 

Because he did not fall in line. Ashok Khemka the honest IAS officer is victimized because he did not fall in line with the corrupt administration. Durga Shakti , another honest IAS officer from UP got victimized because she stood against the corrupt Sand mafia raj supported by SP.

PC Parakh is honest enough to save this country from the loot by your ministers and MPs. 

So he spoke and it is a Wake-Up-Call for India and Indians !

Because of his honesty today, this country is just getting to know some shocking facts on what is happening inside your ministries. We do not know how deep is the Mafia Raj operating within your government. But we do know, like Coal mafia, there is land mafia, Sand mafia, Food mafia, Oil mafia, Drugs mafia, power mafia, Railway mafia, Defense mafia, Sugar mafia, now onion mafia...

God knows who is running this Country?

PC Parakh exposures are serious and the PM can not get away from the responsibility and accountability about this mafia raaj. He is answerable and the guilty who have been a party to this national loot must be brought to book. 

The kind of answers given by Congress spokespersons on these mega corruption scandles are insulting the intelligence of the people of this country. 

The top level investigations by independent intelligence agency (Not CBI)  under the Supreme court guidelines must be initiated immediately to look into the Mafia Raaj corruption, loot of national resources. The criminals must be considered traitors tried and hanged so that no one dares corrupt the system again. 

Prime Minister, Congress President, Vice President who are heading this government need to prove a lot about their own Roles in the governance. 

Their Ministers like P. Chidamabaram, Kapil Sebal, Sushikumar Shinde, Rajeev Shukla, Salman Khursheed, Sharad Pawar, holding important ministries, are equally responsible for being the party in this government. Their roles also must be investigated. 

Country wants to know... who are the politicians behind the mafias looting this country?

Ajay Angre
author, Writer, Publisher

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