Friday, October 25, 2013

Rahul Gandhi makes irresponsible statements

Who is Rahul Gandhi? 
And why Intelligence Agencies give him feedback ?

How is it that our Intelligence passes confidential information to Rahul Gandhi? And how is it that Home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde is not taking up such a serious breach of conduct?

The problem India is facing today is of a very serious nature. 
Rahul Gandhi says, he was given an information by a Intelligence agency official who walked into his office and told him ISI is in touch with 15 Muslim Boys from Muzfarnagar after the riots.

This raises few serious questions about national security concerns.
1- Why should the intelligence pass on information of sensitive nature to Rahul Gandhi?
2- Why Rahul Gandhi is using such a sensitive information in his election speech?
3- Does he not have a political maturity to keep it confidential?
4- When he openly uses such a sensitive, confidential information in a public rally, why the Home Minister does not see something inappropriate and breaching the protocol?
5- Does this mean, he gets every information from intelligence agencies and he uses it against his political opponents? 
6- Is he not misusing his political position in the area of national security?
First of all, Rahul Gandhi has also cast serious doubts about the loyalty of Indian Muslim youth in Muzafarnagr. He has insulted the community at large and brought all of them under suspicion.
Why did he do it?? Simply to please his vote bank ? 

How irresponsible can that be?.
What he said in the Indore rally to please his vote bank is of a very serious nature and needs to be viewed very seriously. It is all concerning our national security, concerning Pakistan ISI sponsored terror attacks to kill Indians by using local contacts in India. If Rahul Gandhi does not understand what he is talking about and makes such irresponsible election speeches for vote bank politics, he surely needs to grow-up.

He further claims, he is in touch with those 15 boys in Muzafarnagar, who are in touch with Pakistan ISI ? Is he doing an intelligence job himself or just playing simple communal politics?  

The Home Minister needs to answer a lot to this nation.

This means confidential intelligence information is passed on to unauthorized people and misused for congress political agenda.
The question is...How intelligence is passing information to people not from Home ministry?  Who all get such sensitive information ? And how long is it going on?

And why Home Minister does not understand the seriousness of the such leaks? 
Home minister and Prime minister`s personal loyalties to Gandhi family should not ignore serious security concerns because, we, the common people, walking on the roads, traveling in buses, trains, visiting shopping malls, are getting killed in terror attacks. This is also a fact that home Ministry is ignoring illegal  Bangladeshi, Pakistani immigrants walking into India and settling in Mumbra, Bhivandi, Calcutta, UP. Bihar, and many pockets of India. The slums are growing everywhere and with that even the security concerns for police. And our corrupt politicians are shamelessly regularizing their status by providing them Ration cards, Voters ids only to make money out of them and create their vote banks.
Why is this a serious issue about Rahul Gandhi today?
This was exactly a situation we saw in an Emergency in 1975. The person without any cabinet portfolio, without any official post in the ministry, Sanjay Gandhi was literally running the administration and all ministers were taking directions from him. 
How is it that just MP- Rahul Gandhi has an access to confidential intelligence information and home minister nor the Prime Minister sees anything wrong in it?
Have we handed over our country to people who do not understand their responsibilities? Is this become a Banana Republic? Or a family owned business?

May be it was a blunder on our part in 2004 and again in 2009. Let us not repeat it third time again in 2014. Because that endorcement to vote Congress  back in power will spell disaster, destruction and  establishment of an authoritarian rule where you will witness corrupt Congress with its corrupt alliance partners looting this INDIA with your mandate. 

Don't repeat  that mistake again !

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher 

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