Monday, November 18, 2013

Arundhati Roy and her politics

People shouldn't fall into the trap of Modi or Rahul,
says Arundhati Roy

What is the solution Arundhati Roy offers? Third Front Option?
These kind of comments are nothing but trying a deliberate confusion ither for political advantage or it is a self serving campaign. It does not serve any purpose but only helps a sensational news bite and a story for the media.

Who is asking personal opinions of intellectuals in the society?

Surely Arundhati Roy, You are entitled for your take on any issue but don't force your views  when people can make the decision themselves? Are you too setting up a trap or helping them to make the right decision? you are creating more confusion.

She says, in coalition era people have options? What options? 

Please be specific if you are backing third front. Say so directly instead of beating the bush around? When do you say people shouldn't fall into the trap of Modi and Rahul, give reasons. Why are you thinking so ? Otherwise, these are those politically motivated statements. Don't just make statements taking the middle path, neither  left or right. 

The writers think and especially the activists, common people have no intelligence to choose what they want and they need to be guided by intellectuals. This is really insulting the intelligence of the common people. 

Another writer says, if Modi becomes Prime Minister, I will leave India? 

What kind of rationale or argument is this by an intellectual? Gujarat chose Mr Modi three times as their leader with clear mandate for him, so you don't even respect electorate who choose their governments through Ballot? What kind of arrogance is this insulting the electorate?
All of them criticize Narendra Modi on his Gujarat development but do not respect people`s verdict and never talk of Congress track records. What about Congress failures, Congress corruption, Congress Emergency Rule, 1984 Sikh riots? They call themselves Human Rights Activists, and keep quiet on Emergency Rule when thousands and thousans were thrown in the jails all over India and their constitutional rights to demand justice were denied? Many were also given third degree treatment who went against the rule? 

Why all those from the Congress rule still walking free and  not behind the bars till today? 

Why Activists like Arundhati Roy does not ask Congress this?  And can anyone forgive the criminals of 1984 brutal killings of innocent Sikh men, women and children, who were burned alive? In thousands? for no fault of theirs?

Why is Arundhati Roy quiet on Human Rights violations of 1984? Is it political?
Some of these activists are dead against the corporates like communists think, but then we can see the results of that ideology in West Bengal, and Kerala? Where the businessmen are not interested in investing ? China too has changed their old thinking and have progressed. And their progress and development is seen by the world. 

This is a charge against Mr modi that he works for Corporates?  

How do you develop Industries? How do you generate employment opportunities without industry? Let Activists like Arundhati Roy come up with their visionary plan on this.

Congress Human Rights violation Record is worst. Why don't they talk of that? Are these their independent views or supporting some group like third front? Let Arundhati Roy take a clear position on this. We have seen third front option in the past and it is always a bitter pill.. 

The problem in our country is, we have too many Human rights Activists who can talk of issues but can not offer solutions. Terror, they are not concerned when innocent citizens are killed in the serial blasts, but they are more concerned with terrorists getting killed by police? It is because of these Human Rights people who care a damn about innocent  human lives getting killed. They have full sympathy for the terrorist who kill innocents people, but for those who get killed in the terror attacks? 

This has created serious issues on dealing with Terrorists and Terror ? It is a WAR waged on India and must be fought like a WAR.

It is one thing talking on politics and entirely another to be in politics and completely different criticizing it from outside without any accountability and perspective.

If intellectuals want to streanthen this Democracy, let them talk about Dynastic politics growing in this country and threatening our Democracy. Let them take on the corrupt governance openly without sitting on the fence. And finally, let them practice fairness and honesty in their thinking.

Ajay Angre
Autor, Writer, Publisher 

being a critic than a reformer or a visionary.