Thursday, November 21, 2013

Media Trial on Amit Shah and Modi

Do We have A Democracy or a Banana Republic?
 Full Media Trial At: 9 PM

TV Channels : Courts. TV anchors: Special Bench of Judges. Congress, Journalists : Prosecutors, witnesses.  Human rights Activists: Prosecutors and Eye Witnesses.

This  is what is seen  in India today. Media Trials are going on and TV studios have become courts. All debates look and sound set on TV channels. Tv studios have become India`s Supreme Judiciary,  passing verdict against who they want to nail. Not the real criminals who they do not want to talk about, or debate in public forums because it may hurt their interest.

Have you heard Arnab Goswami demanding agressively when there are serious charges against Robert Vadra, Why dont Rahul or Sonia Gandhi tell the nation what is the truth? Or why don't Robert Vadra himself come clean on national TV?  

Have you ever heard, NDTV  Barkha Dutt or Nidhi Razdan, Sagarika Ghos of CNN-IBN asking Robert Vadra to come on national TV to explain about the alleged charges on him making crores with political influence of the family? Because, Nation wants to know the truth ? Because, People of India want to know the truth?

Today they all are demanding Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to tell the nation what is the truth behind Gujarat Snooping. Why? Because we the people of India want to know and have the right to know?

Did any of them ever had the courage to demand Congress to explain on then Finance Minister, Pranab Mukharji`s office being bugged ? Chidamabaram was the Home Minister then and answerable to that snooping. Did anyone demand by saying this nation wants to know who was behind it and how can that happen?

That serious chapter on Pranab Daa`s office bugged was immediately closed and we did not hear anything on that... who did it and why? will then Home Minister P. Chidamabaram explain this nation why there is a silence? 

Nobody has the guts to be on the side of truth and few are clearly playing a corrupt role by running paid publicity campaigns only to target Narendra Modi. 

Some of them are surely  getting paid for publicity campaigns like Ad agencies do.  You only have to listen to their arguments and they get exposed because, even in their arguments they lack logic, rationale and honesty.. 

If you ask me why do I say this, let me tell you why.  I think some of them are clearly sold souls for considerations.

Look at the New Snooping scam on Gujarat they have invented against Narendra Modi.  They all have come together to nail Modi.

In Gujarat Snooping  scam, Amit Shah is not their real target but Narendra Modi is. And we know now, these corrupt minds can go to any length to destroy political opponents like Narendra Modi who is become a threat for all of them simply because the gatherings he attracts wherever he goes are in lakhs.  And commoners are with him.

If Mr Modi comes to power. They know well, their shops will be closed their loot will stop, they will be exposed and they can even land in jails for national loot and for anti national agendas they pursued during the rule. 

Loosing power? They cant imagine that. That is giving all of them sleepless nights.

They are really worried and now getting exposed. And this fear of their political insecurity can lead to even an attempt to eliminate Mr Modi. From this episode the way Congress, and its political partners asking for his head , it sounds like revengeful.

And this fear is so real and growing that it surprises me, Congress, JDU, SP and other alliance partners are not bothered about their own fellow Indian`s life threatened by terrorists? 

This is the most startling fact that none of them have shown that concern about Modi`s personal life being threatened after Patna serial blasts and the security lapses by Nitish Kumar government speaks volumes about Nitish Kumar as a politician and person. And from their acts and talk looks like, it is their wishful thinking that if Modi somehow is fixed, whichever ways, immediate threat to their political existence at least will be over? 

That is their limited thinking and their politics of convenience.

The most surprising story that emerged yesterday on the so called Snoop scam was with a political twist. The Prashant Bhushan`s entry.  He has joined the bandwagon with Congress and Human rights Activists to nail Mr Modi. That is a political twist.

Prashant Bhushan`s entry as an Advocate for IAS officer Pradeep Sharma who is in the jail with corruption charges exposes the larger conspiracy and a political agenda by many who have joined hands to frame Narendra Modi and Amit Shah once again. 

This is the same Prashant Bhushan and team who were with Anna Hazare and keep claiming  that they are fighting against corruption and today seen on the side of a corrupt person who is in the jail ?  

Is Prashant Bhushan and his Kejriwal team really honest? Or following their own political agenda?

When Prashant Bhushan spoke to media on Gujarat Snooping Scam, he made comments which an advocate of his stature should know, can not be a loose talk. 

He can not be judgmental on a case which is not even heard by the court and yet to be the court of law. 

He was making political statements and trying to get a political mileage for Delhi elections fearing Mr Modi`s campaigning and Anna`s latest accusations on financial fraud by Aam Admi Party. Even Aam Admi Party is trying to divert the attention of the people from the charges leveled by Anna Hazare today.

Prashant Bhushan said on TV channels...

" Gujarat has become completely Fascist State. There is no law and Order. Women are not safe. Minority is not safe as we know from the past records, Modi is acting like a Dictator with criminals like Amit Shah and all democratic norms are violated. Human Rights are violated and Gujarat has become a State of terror in India."  

He said... I have taken up a case of Pradeep Sharma as his Defense Lawyer, who is jailed because he knows all the secretes of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. I have approached the court as Pradeep Sharma has lot more evidence to prove the criminal conduct of Gujarat establishment."

This was the same person who along with Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference and exposed Robert Vadra and made accusations how Robert Vadra made crores of rupees without  investing single pai on land deals in Haryana ? 

That time, If I am not wrong,  Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan used to claim, we are here to expose all corruption cases which are connected with political class. 

And when they were questioned by the media... why don't you approach the court when you have the evidence ? Their answer was, it is not our job. It is to be done by the government in power.  

Yesterday, however, he took up a case of an alleged corrupt IAS officer who is in the jail just to nail Narendra Modi. This they thought is a easy and soft target but not Robert Vadra. Even today, Prashant Bhushan in all honesty can plead Ashok Khemka`s case for justice who had the courage to take on Robert Vadra. But No. Prashant Bhushan chose Narenrda Modi and that shows his political agenda. And his political dishonesty. 

Today, It is nothing surprising  to see some journalists, some media houses, some human rights activists working for Congress on considerations to target Narendra Modi, Even Prashant Bhushan may have his own political considerations and agenda now that they have entered into politics?

Will Prashant Bhushan tell the nation like he expects Modi and Amit Shah to come clean on national TV... Will he come clean?

This is a challenge to Prashant Bhushanb from the common people:

Will he take Robert Vadra to court ? When he claimed having enough documents to prove Robert Vadra made crores and croeres by corrupt means on land deals in Haryana?

Will he fight for Ashok Khemka an honest IAS officer who is harassed today for taking on Robert Vadra?  And a victim of corrupt political system? 

This nation and people would like to see Prashant Bhushan`s honesty.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher