Tuesday, December 24, 2013

AAP is Trapped by the cunning game of Congress

Arvind Kejriwal walked into a Trap 
laid out by Congress
BJP, the single largest political party winning max seats in Delhi, declared opposition role rightly because, Aam Admi party did not offer support to BJP to form  government.  Therefore BJP just could not think of forming a government on its own. 
Arvind Kejriwal, kept saying, we will not take BJP and Congress support to form the government and we will also not offer our support to anyone..And we prefer to sit in opposition as people of Delhi have not voted us in power.  This made it very clear that AAm party was not willing to support BJP.

AAM suggesting.. BJP should form a government with the help of Congress was amateurish, ridiculous and utterly mischievous knowing, it will not happen.
One of the main reasons for AAP to take this stand was, during their campaign, AAm party called both national parties "Chor" Corrupt, Lootere, etc.etc.This by itself was a trap AAM party had built around themselves for taking a high moral ground against both the national political parties. They were already trapped in their own trap. ( This was due to lack of diplomacy)
Only if Arvind Kejriwal had political vision and diplomacy, he should have respected Delhi mandate in favor of BJP and offered his support in the 1st place to BJP to form the government. He could have then demanded AAP support to BJP on the common program and could have actually got AAP  election promises fulfilled with the support of BJP government. 
They could have dictated good governance, non corrupt rule, and development agenda to BJP to follow. This way, Delhi people would have got what they wanted from the government. It would have been WIN WIN situation for AAP.  But instead AAP made politically wrong choices.

And then, Congress very cunningly offered their unconditional support after BJP gave-up the claim. This was a well calculate trap. 
This was a shrewd move by Congress and well calculated because they knew the way Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP members were using the language, Congress knew, AAP will offer us ample chances to pull the rug under their feet. Till then, let us expose AAP on their commitments made to people. Also take the credit for supporting AAP  to avoid second round of election burden on the people of Delhi. And also keep BJP out of power in Delhi. 
So any which way you look at it, AAP was in a trap smartly laid by Congress and Congress was aiming to take political benefits out of the situation..

May be, Arvind Kejriwal and his members need to learn more about "Shrewd Rajniti"
Politics when you enter, you can not say, we don't play politics, we are into it for serving people of Delhi. Yes, that is the reason you decided to enter into politics. It may not be hardcore politics but Social politics. 
But average commonsense tells you, You can not keep saying openly, we will first bring-in strong Lokayukta and send all Corrupt Congress politicians like Sheila Dixit to jail? 
What kind of politics is this? Vindictive politics? You surely can take a strong position against corruption but that does not mean, you talk loosely about it? Whatever you wish to do, do it quietly once you come to power but don't be arrogant.

This is the similar arrogance like Congress who ill treated Anna and his team when Kejriwal was part of civil movement led by Anna Hazare. He has seen that arrogance and not learned?
Where is the humility in all this talk by Arvind Kejriwal? He has also not learned humility from Anna Hazare?

You can hang a person for the crime but you must also respect the rights of the alleged accused  till proven guilty.
Nothing is proved yet about what is being alleged about corruption by BJP or Congress and how can Arvind Kejriwal talk loosely about sending politicians to jail? 
Is this not an arrogance? 

Secondly, has people of Delhi given verdict in favor of corrupt BJP by giving majority seats? Should he not respect the verdict of people humbly?
BJP got maximum seats than AAP. So the mandate was in clear favor of BJP. Arvind Kejriwal does not respect electoral sentiments and respect the mandate of the people? This also is his arrogance to paint BJP and Congress with the same brush with the same color. 
Whereas, Congress in Delhi got completely decimated. People of Delhi rejected congress Rule totally and defeated Shiela Dixit by over 20,000 votes in favor of Arvind Kejriwal.

Was the mandate in favor of Congress in Delhi or BJP? 
Arvind Kejriwal did not respect the sentiments of Delhi voters in the first place. 
Then, he did not  respect the rejection of Congress completely by Delhi voters for its corruption and arrogance?
And the worst  is...AAP is joining hands to form the government with the same corrupt Congress party who AAP targeted in their election campaigns ?  When AAP got mandate in their favor against Congress. What could be morally and principally right?.
AAP walked into Congress`s  cunningly laid out trap.  

Arvind may call it a smart move. And say, forced by the public pressure to form the government with Congress, But he lacked political WISDOM in making all these so called smart moves. 

Congress just yesterday sounded a 1st warning shot to AAP saying... Do Not Take us for granted. It is not unconditional support. The day you fail to deliver what you have promised, we will withdraw our support.

Congress by supporting AAP wanted to achieve three main objectives. 

1- keep BJP out of Power corridors. 2- Buy enough time to set Congress house in order. and 
3- Let AAP dig its own grave and finish-off on its own from the political space.

The problem with every common man from the middle class is this...Underestimating our opponents and overestimating own intelligence.They refuse to understand and accept.. politics is a game of shrewd diplomacy. Frank open talk does not work in politics. In fact, that becomes your major weakness.

There are no permanent enemies and friends. Arvind did not learn from his Guru Anna Hazare... the Art of Diplomacy.

Your survival in politics depends more on Diplomacy than your loose talk. 

Arvind Kejriwal and his team compromised on their morals, principles from day one.

When it is a known fact... how this relationship is going to end miserable in a very short time. Where is the wisdom in all this?

Arvind and his team failed to see who is selling this country, who is looting this country, Not BJP, it is Congress.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher   .