Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Atalji... Happy Birthday to you!

Atal ji...
This nation wants to wish the tallest leader of India 
Best of Health On your 89th Birthday

The Great orator, most adorable leader of India 

We miss your powerful speeches and your Poetry today!

Dear Atal ji.... 
We wish you many many happy returns of the day!

We wish you, you always remain healthy and active. We cant see a roaring lion confined to wheelchair. We cant see.

We cant see emotional poet touching the hearts of millions with his poetic words saying nothing today.

We miss your roaring speeches in the parliment because nobody has today the abilty to roar in the parliament like you did. We miss your presence in the parliment today.

There used to be pin drop silence when you used to speak. Every word you use to utter in your speech had deep meaning and a powerful message to convey to house and countrymen. 

All members, and the nation used to be mesmerized with your words, thoughts coming from  a finest human being,  an outstanding Statesman and a visionary leader.  

Even your opponents  admired your oratory. Every word you said was carefully chosen with loaded expression to convey your thoughts precisely to your audience. You never hesitated calling spade a spade. You never dodged any issues and took a easy exit.

Your vision was clear. Your road map for India in 21st century was set.

For you, Nation is first. National interest is first before anything else. India , Indian people, Indian Art, Indian culture, Indian ethos for you are all a matter of pride. 

You have everything in you and still your humility, your honesty and modesty is a living example today for younger generation.

Unity in diversity you believed strongly as a political leader and you believed India can progress in spite of its different cultures, customs and traditions.

You are a face of our progressive minds with modern culture, modern thinking with an  Indian outlook facing challenges of the world. 

India when getting ready to take the next big leap remembers...

ATAL  BIHARI  BAJPAI and his leadership that once ROARED from the Indian parliament.

Today, on your 89th birthday this nation is wishing
the most loved leader of India...
A Very Happy Birthday
 May God keep you healthy, always.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher