Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How Serious is Congress against Corruption?

Congress is shielding many of their Corrupt Ministers
and faking a stand against corruption
Why Kripa Shankar Singh, Ashok Chavan,
Sushilkumr Shinde, Shivajirao Nilangekar Patil,
are being given political cover?
Kripa Shankar Singh moving around with Sonia and Rahul Gandhi ?
I was shocked to see Kripa Shankar Singh on the national TV channel with Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Just last week, there was a news report stating, Kripa Shankar Singh`s appeal to court to free his bank accounts and assets was rejected by the judiciary. This means he is trying his best to wriggle out of cases with political pressure.
He has amassed wealth by indulging into corrupt practices and made properties on family and friends names. 
This is a loot which is by Congress ex President Kripa Shankar Singh of Mumbai and now he is being tried in the court. This case is going on for a very long time like Laloo`s case was going on for 17 long years. Finally he was convicted for Fodder scam and jailed for 5 years. In case of Kripa Shankar, it is said, he has made so much of money from his position of power that he should not be seen anywhere near the corridors of power.
But this is the hypocrisy of Congress and its Vice President Rahul Gandhi. 
On one side he takes a high moral ground and seen around him are corrupt, tainted, Congressmen  like  Susshil Kumar Shinde. Kripa Shankar, Sajan Kumar, Jagdish Tyrtler ? 
What is the message going out  from congress ? Rahul Gandhi says he wants to seriously fight against the corrupt system and corruption at all levels. On the other hand, we see 4 Ex Chief ministers from his party are being protected by his own Congress government in Maharashtra? In fact, Congress in Maharashtra has discarded the commission report by two retired judges? 
The two senior judges report was not tabled in the Maharasshtra assembly for debate and discussion at all. 
After spending Tax payers over 7 crore Rupees, the report is rubbished by Maharashtra Congress?
Justice Patil, the honorable retired judge on the commission expressed his views to media openly, saying, he expected Maharashtra Govt will not look into their report and will dismiss it. Because he knew, it will hurt Congress image. And all efforts will be made to hush it up. 
Same is the story of two other Huge Scams of Maharashtra government ministers. Irrigation scam where Ajeet Pawar is involved and Export of Rice Scam where huge profits are made by ministers and bureaucrats. 
And these two scam reports too are not going to see the light of the day.
It is reported that Rice and Irrigation scams are many fold huge in the loot than Adarsh scam. But in all the scams where Congress ministers are involved are being given political protection?
Do you think Rahul Gandhi and his Congress is serious about dealing with the corruption in the system ? They all are serious to nail Narendra Modi on every issue. They wickedly blow it out of proportion in the media to target Modi.
The recent claims by Rahul Gandhi and his speeches seem to be hollow without any serious intent to tackle corruption. It is purely bying time and and a deceptive way to fool people.
Why there is no time frame set to complete the investigations?  
Why so much of tax payer money is spent on commissions without any one held accountable and responsible for the frauds?
How many are sent to jail till today? One after 17 years of long trial. Laloo Prasad Yadav?
This act od setting up commissions seems to be a smart act to buy time. After long time, everyone forgets about scams and even national media does not follow it up with a close watch on its progress. 
That is how, the Home Minister who once made an irresponsible statement in public. 
He said... just imagine Union Home minister says this... public has short memory. They forget everything fast. Don't worry, even thiis Coalgate and 2G scams they will forget it? 
Because we have Home minister who is irresponsible and jokes about every serious issue... we are not in a position to nab the terrorists who keep attacking us, killing our innocent people.  Unless Civil society does not react strongly to throw these shameless corrupt politicians from the system, nothing will change. 
Like in the recent elections, people came out to cast their votes in high numbers, in 2014 too, maximum number of people must  get out of their homes for voting. Let them vote whoever they want to. But maximum voting by people to choose their government will make our democracy participatory in the real sense.

We all must ensure that if we want good governance and corruption free governance, we too need to become a part of Changing India.

Or the corrupt political class will keep ruling and keep looting.l Remember this.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher