Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Congress Arrogance Defeats Congress.

Congress Arrogance, Congress Corruption,
Congress Bad Governance, Congress Communal Politics and Congress Hollow Leadership
defeated Congress
Finally in the Lok Aadalat... Congress is convicted and punished. Defeated.

Congress arrogance is well answered. Sanjay Zha, the voice of his masters like Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi who used to be very arrogant in every debate on national channels showed arrogance without any humility.

Congress had become swollen headed and dishonest. That arrogance is given a fitting reply by the electorate in four state elections..

Kapil Sebal and P. Chidamabaram ...

Who thought very intelligent themselves and were engaged all the time in fooling people of this country with their ZERO LOSS theory, now will know what is ZERO loss means with this verdict. Their sycophancy too got exposed.

Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi who were constantly talking about their fake secular Identity, ...

and were constantly engaged in playing communal politics...telling people in their rallies that BJP is communal, Narendra Modi is Fascist, Divisive, BJP want to divide this country once again. Congress only can save minority community from these fascist forces should now know, people of India are not fools. Rahul and Sonia Gandhi who keep claiming themselves working for the POOR of India are clearly told by the poor of this country, that your old slogans are worn out, hollow and empty and can not fool poor of this country anymore.

This electoral verdict clearly says, people of this country do not think...

Narendra Modi is Fascist, Hitler,  Divisive, or communal and  killer or Murderer as Congress has been trying to project him. They think, Modi deserves with all his merits to be the Prime Minister to lead India. That propaganda by Congressmen, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi is totally rejected by voters and given them the message that your Vote Bank politics of convenience on communal lines is not acceptable not even by Muslims and you can`t  divide Hindu Muslims with your communal agenda, Even Muslims have exposed Congress campaigning on communal lines.

Digvijay Singh should know now...

His brand of dirty anti national politics is not just rejected by the people of this country but it is considered as anti national, communal and divisive politics. His constant and deliberate allegations on communal lines in the press, against RSS, Sangh, VHP are thrown back in his face and people have put him in his place with gross rejection. People like Digvijay singh and others in Congress who make damaging comments in the press are the suspects of working for ISI against this country`s interest. When Rahul and Sonia Gandhi do not stop their leaders who are working against the national interest also become the suspects of the larger conspiracy theory. People of India will never forgive such anti national politics which threatens national security and safety. People have registered their strong disapproval against communal politics in these election results.

This result also gives a clear message that...

Dynastic Rule and sycophancy of all these fake and corrupt politicians who are dancing around one family is not appreciated, accepted and have disgusted people of India. Anybody trying to weaken Democratic institutions will not be pardoned. People are conveying all politicians that If you are voted in power, it is to serve the people of this country, and not to RULE over India. That`s the message.

The message is loud and clear...

Common people reject Dynastic politics where one family without any merits, qualification, experience, trying to RULE this country. If the idea is NOT to Serve the people of this country, and enter politics for business, it is not acceptable. This idea  over a time since Indira Gandhi raaj, clearly promoted sycophancy around one family. And it is happening in all political parties. The shameless Raj of Maharajas culture is back in India and destroyed democratic principles because of few selfish, self centered politicians.

For Dr Manmohan Singh, this is a clear message...

You have been rejected as the leader of this country who only played to the tune of his masters and proved only a follower, and not the Leader, This weak leadership has done tremendous damage to this country and people are sick and tired of this sycophancy.

His spineless character not to stand up for principles, high values, morals, and dirty politics played by his Congress party to please the family by saying, Rahul is ready to take over the PM position and I am ready to work under Rahulbaba, was insulting the intelligence of this electorate who replied to him in these elections.

Congress continuous propaganda against Narendra Modi holding him ...

Responsible for 2002 Riots with the help of paid media, few paid NGOs, few paid Human right Activists has backfired. The reasons... simply because Congress kept dodging its own criminal role in 1984 Sikh riots and Fascist Rule of Emergency imposed on the people of India. These two were gross human rights violations committed by Congress and Congress can not be pardoned. People of India want the criminals from congress to be tried and punished.

Congress kept targeting Narendra Modi dishonestly for the last 10 long years by using CBI and all others to avoid their own criminal past records. People could see through their dishonest politics and vote against it.

This is the beginning of India Changing for good and everyone should welcome it.

Even this is a lesson for BJP to learn from Aam Admi party who has emerged as second largest political option with a massive mandate by people of Delhi.

They deserve to be congratulated because Arvind Kejriwal and his team took forward Anna Hazare movement against the corrupt Rule. Anna Hazare demanded the Change when he started his Civil movement with millions joining him. Arvind Kejriwal was part of that movement and his team took it forward successfully. It is a fact that it is Aam Admi Party who set the rules for national parties in this elections and has made the history by changing Indian politics. It has forced national parties like Congress and BJP to change their style of politics. If they don't, they will be made to pay the price by the electorate.

This is just the beginning of sanitizing the corrupt political system. 2014 elections must be decisive in endorsing that it is the people who are masters who decide what we want from the elected governments and elected representatives. So for it was by the people, of the corrupt people,  but not for the common people.

The mandate in 2014 will be... MUST be for the common People !
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher