Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rahul Gandhi is still learning to Run the Country ?

Rahul Gandhi on Apprenticeship to learn 
from Congress defeat?

Can you imagine sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi who were so confident about electoral  mandate in their favor are saying now, we are surprised with the results and we surely need to introspect. In the last 9/10 years they did not get time to introspect because they were too busy playing politics in the interest of poor and minorities.
Rahul Gandhi says, we need to think what went wrong and learn from Arvind Kejriwal and his  Amm Admi Party? 
Imagine, when the classroom time is up and time to go now? 

The party which was boasting till yesterday about 150 years of its history, is saying we need to learn from Aam Admi Party which is only one year old ?

The real question is... What was Rahul Gandhi doing in Congress for the last 7-8 Years? 
He claimed always I am strengthening the organization and it was very clear from the time he was made Vice President of Congress, he is involved  in making policy decisions to re-built Congress  to the point who should be given election tickets and who should be promoted in the party. Annd what must be Congress approach and strategy for elections? What happened to all that work?

The fact is... all the sycophants in the Congress party like Digvijay Singh, Shqeel Ahmed, Ahmed Patel, and even Dr Manmohan Singh were promoting Rahul Gandhi when he had no merits whatsoever to take over leadership. 
The Congressmen who are constantly engaged in appeasing the family like Sushil Kumar Shinde, Rajiv Sukla, Salman Khurshid, Ajay Maken, Manish Tiwari, Kapil Sebal,  just were trying to please Madam Sonia Gandhi by saying... Yes, Of course Rahul is capable of leading Congress and competent to become Prime minister of this country. 
They knew well, Mrs Gandhi likes to hear that when someone praises her son and that is why Dr Manmohan Singh once said... Rahul is ready now to take over as Prime Minister, I have no doubts about his ability and I am willing to work under his leadership?

What was all that talk about by Dr Manmohan Singh? 
He was all prepared and ready to play the lead role as a Prime Minister and suddenly how come he wants to go back to school  to learn again?  Dr Singh too was involved in Praising a person sky high just because he is Gandhi ? And Sonia Gandhi`s Son?

Did Dr Manmohan Singh for a minute think about this country? 
He knew well the difficult times India is going through on all the fronts and the economy is facing challenges with Rupee becoming weaker, commodity prices are going out of control, exports are affected whereas imports are creating trade deficit. Pakistan and China are threatening our borders. Terrorists threats within and from outside by Hafeez Saeed and Pak trained Terrorists and IM operatives working from Indian soil are giving sleepless nights.

Did he even think for a minute what he was saying about Rahul Gandhi makes any sense? What was it? A wrong judgement or appeasement? 

If he however thought he is the most competent candidate fit to take over and lead India, it is Dr Manmohan Singh whose ability in judging people for a top job must be in question? 
Who comes first for Dr Manmohan Singh? The national interest or Gandhi family interest?

The fact is... when someone after 10 long years of working does not understand the reasons for electoral defeat then what does it prove?
The person is simply not qualified, competent, and lack even intelligence.And that is a fact about Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.  Whatever congressmen say. None of them  have the courage to call spade a spade? 
Now look at the  PM Dr Manmohan Singh. It is a classic example. 
He was a Bureaucrat before Congress chose to make him the Prime Minister. He was never in politics and never played leadership role. He is a known economists but in his own subject too he failed to deliver good results. As regards to many calling him honest, I differ with them with due respect to him.  How can a man be called honest when he allows and supports his own ministers in corruption scandals? In every corruption scam that media exposed, he was a silent spectator and refused to accept even after media exposed people involved in scams?

Have you ever heard Rahul Gandhi talking about corruption by his own ministers?  He cleverly avoided, corruption charges, communal politics, corrupt governance.
2G scam? CWG Scam? Adarsh Scam? Railway Scam? Chopper Scam? Land Scam where his own family member, Brother-in-Law is involved and one honest IAS officer Asho Khemka is being harassed, insulted, humiliated? Did he utter a word about injustice done to Ashok Khemka by his own Congress government from Haryana which is involved in victimizing Ashok Khemka? 
He wanted to take a moral position on the Ordinance against elected criminals and he with Ajay Maken and his publicity team orchestrated an act of high moral ground in the press conference. Everyone could see through that choreographed show. But an honest IAS officer is being  harassed for the last one year for being honest on the job, Rahul Gandhi can not take high moral position against his brother-in-law Robert Vadra? Is this  his honesty ?
Who is corrupt? Who is dishonest? Who is playing politics? Who is looting this country? And who is supporting the looters?

How can Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi say, we are now getting to the bottom of this defeat and trying to find out what went wrong?  
You never had your ears to ground. Even an ordinary citizen of this country would have told you what s wrong with you all. But the arrogance of Congress had made them so much swollen headed that Congress took people for granted. 
And lastly... what is Indian politics? An academic institute where people come to learn and while learning like Rahul Gandhi, run this country?

What is the meaning of we are shocked with the results? It means none of you have the ability to see through with the vision that is required to lead. It means, it has been a shot in the dark and it has been always politics at play while governing a country like India?

One thing is clear... We do not want Apprentice to work on the job and learn. 

This is no private limited company. It is a country with 1.2 billion population with aspirations and dreams. The novice, inexperienced, unqualified have no place and so as sycophants to run this country.

So Congress can do its "Chinrtan" with deep introspection. 

It may do good for Congress but it is not possible till dishonest people like Digvijay Singh, P.Chidamabaram, Kapil Sebal, Salman Khurshid, Rajeev Shukla, Shqeel Ahmed, Ahmed Patel  are in Congress.  

Congress is dishonest to the core which is proved in many instances and wants to be in power only to enjoy power for self serving objectives and not to serve the people. 

Congress is exposed and people have given their verdict against them in the first round. Dishonesty in public life and governance will not be tolerated. It will be punished however smart you act.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher