Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Narendra Modi... the Ultimate Winner!

 Modi Wins Against All odds.

The Mandate in All Four States is for the Leadership of Modi.
It is Mr Modi who fired the Hopes of People 
who had lost All the Hopes in Indian politics, and in political class.
Surprisingly all the opponents of Narendra Modi after the recent election results have started a new Debate.

Is it Modi`s election campaigning or the state leadership success?

Just today, Mulayaum Singh said... there is No Modi wave in India and in 2014 Modi will not be in Delhi nor his BJP. I can understand his pain. He is dreaming about third front and his chances of becoming the PM. What a hope?

Of course, it is wishful thinking of many politicians today because of their corrupt characters and self serving goals to make a business out of politics. Mulayum, Mayawati, Lalu Prasad, Nitish Kumar, Sharad Pawar, Jaylalitha are all third front candidates in the Que to become Prime Minister in 2014. So obviously they do not wish to see Narendra Modi anywhere near them.

So target Modi and make sure he does not come close to Delhi or he can spoil their future prospects. 

Well, the political opponents of Narendra Modi will never be generous in giving him the credit for his major role in this grand victory for sure. Their agenda is to stop Modi from coming to Delhi so that their shops can make profits.

On the other hand, they know, if they do accept Modi`s role in winning elections in all four states, their previous allegations about Mr Modi will be in question and their honesty will be a suspect. That is why it is perfectly understandable that his rivals like Nitish Kumar, Mulayum Singh, Digvijay, Kumar Ketkar, and many others who have  leaning towards Congress would not want to give credit to Narendra Modi at all for his effective election campaigning in all the states BJP won with majority. 

Look at the logic Congress presented during election campaigns. The total goof-up by Congress  President and Vice President.

Congress was completely Modi centric and the campaign strategy was  designed to project Modi as a divisive, fascist and communal leader. Throughout the election camapigning, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi targeted Narendra Modi, RSS, Mahatma Gandhi assassination, to prove only one point agenda... Congress is Secular, Modi and BJP are communal. And their claim...Congress only can save this country from the communal and fascist forces.

So scare the minority and ask them to vote for Congress was the central strategy of Congress election campaign. It did not work and backfired on them.

No one got convinced, no one believed Congress in their false appeal meant to  create fear in minority. The appeal failed and Congress got uprooted in all the states for their dishonesty with the electorate.

Rahul and Sonia Gandhi with their team of ministers were dishonest with the electorate and indulged into character assassination of Narendra Modi with false cases, false allegations and accusations.

Some of the Congress senior Ministers even used abusive, un-parliamentary language for the Head of the State of Gujarat who got elected three times by Gujarat electorate. Congressmen insulted the electorate of Gujarat by calling Mr Modi Fascist, Hitler, Divisive, Gangu Teli, Bhasmasur, Frog, and the worst was "Chaaywallah"? Their political partners like JDU, SP, NCP, BSP. too were  engaged in this abuse. Naturally..the election results shocked all of them.

Why will people pardon such arrogance by the politicians ?

On the other side, Narendra Modi was talking of Development, good governance, good administration and the results he produced with Zero tollerence for corruption in Gujarat.

Congress Ministers like P.Chidambaram, Kapil Sebal, Manish Tiwari, Salman Khurshid, Ahmed Patel, Shqeel Ahmed kept and Ajay Maken kept trying to prove how Gujarat model of Development is fake and fraud?

How Modi is throwing fake statistics? How much corruption is there in Gujarat? And how Minority is feeling unsecured after 2002 riots? How Modi operates like a Dictator in his state as Chief Minister?

This was all dishonest, baseless and false propaganda by Congress for which Congress got rejected in all the states.

This approach Congress had tried in the recent Gujarat elections too and Narendra Modi got clear mandate from people of Gujarat third time. Congress strategy to paint Narendra Modi as communal and fascist and dictator had failed in Gujarat too. But Congress and specially Rahul and  Sonia Gandhi did not learn their lessons. Because basically these are shallow, hollow characters without any proper educational backgrounds and merits.

But because Congress leadership, that is Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and their phony advisers do not understand the universal truth that you can not fool people all the time, But, they were exactly trying the same over and over for years. Fool people. They failed because, Congress party does not have leader of stature and wisdom to lead with political vision. Rahul and Sonia Gandhi do not have such merits and qualifications to lead the political organization and country like India.

Politics is not their cup-of-tea. 

Just by default, if you are born in Nehru Gandhi family, just  can not become your qualification for staking claim for the leadership role. Unfortunately with dynastic politics, Congress only promoted culture of sycophancy and in the bargain promoted sycophants like Digvijay Singh, Sushil Kumar Shinde, around the family who are self serving politicians with their own agenda.

Nehru-Gandhi family dynasty was not interested in developing second rank leadership. It must be perceived as threat to the family in power who enjoys Royal status  in the party without accountability. The supreme High Command culture is constantly fostered by sycophants around the family. This culture of worshiping high commands has destroyed democratic traditions within Congress party. No seniors in Congress party who have spent many years in social and political life are allowed to take the lead nor allowed to have their say.

When the ship starts sinking, first one to abandon the ship are rats. 

After this Congress defeat in four states,  many alliance partners like Sharad Pawar are talking about weak leadership responsible for the defeat. Some say openly, sycophants close to family, like Digvijay Singh, Ahmed Patel, Shaqeel Ahmed, are calling the shots and their ill advise is taken seriously by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.

But the point is... why do they listen to such hollow characters? Because they themselves are hollow, enjoying powers without merits.

When you have dishonest people around you and when you are yourself not honest, sooner or later you are bound to sink. And Congress defeat is a result of its dishonesty with the nation, and with the people.

But the country is made to pay the heavy price in this political game. Why will people not punish those who are dishonest and in the governance to make money?

Rightly...Congress is punished by people for its Dishonesty.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher