Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dr Manmohan Singh: The Rubber Stamp of UPA?

Has Dr Manmohan Singh been a Rubber Stamp?
Says Sanjay Baru, Close Aid of PM
In his Book titled"The Accidental Prime Minister?

Finally... Sonia Gandhi hired a Rubber Stamp PM  proving right ?

Now it is for the voters of this country to decide who do we want? A Rubber Stamp? A Remote control to RULE and govern or a nationalist Leader who will not compromise with national interests, national integrity and national security.
The revelation in the Book titled " The Accidental Prime Minister" by none other than the insider from PMO office Sanjaya Baru only exposes the DECADE RULE of the unauthorized person Sonia Gandhi who was not in the Indian government at the center but was RULING , instructing, directing, managing the government show.?

And in such a political arrangement, the decision making process must not be only by Sonia Gandhi but also by the Vice President of Congress party Rahul Gandhi?

This is only obvious when he calls an ordinance passed by PM cabinet "Nonsense"and says this must be thrown in the Dustbin"??

I will not be surprised even the role of Priyanka Gandhi in this Dynastic politics that is evident very often and her recent news in the media saying she is ready to play a bigger role in Congress? 

One can imagine from this revelations, last 10 years, it must be the family affair making decisions after hiring the Rubber Stamp like PM,

It is a shocker and an unthinkable behavior from the most honest PM Dr Manmohan Singh. Can a well reputed Economist be so spineless? To be called a "Rubber Stamp"? Will he not be remembered in the history as a Rubber Stamp PM?
He has in other words kept the nation on Remote control in every policy making decision and allowed interference by outsiders in the functioning of Indian government.

If the files were going to Sonia Gandhi before even PM had a chance to see them and if the decisions were taken at 10 Janapath for all political and personal reasons, who has been running this UPA government? And how is it that the allied political parties like NCP were keeping quiet on such management in governance? 

Are they too party to this conspiracy and mutually beneficial politically arrangement?

So it is right when it was reported in the media, there are two power centers in the UPA government?

But in reality, there can only be one. As two power centers are bound to clash. The fact is, there has been only one power center and that is Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister has been merely a Rubber Stamp.

This was proved when Ajay Maken`s press conference on the issue of ordinance to save Criminals in the Parliament, Rahul Gandhi gate crashes suddenly and his well choreographed ACT tearing the copy of Ordinance in the press conference saying it is all "Nonsense" and deserves to be thrown in the Dustbin was a proof, Prime Minister is not in control of his government, his cabinet and it is controlled by Gandhi family.

The Book says... after this humiliation of PM, there was a golden opportunity for Dr Manmohan Singh to resign on principles, but he swallowed the insult inflicted upon him and also said to press, Rahul Gandhi is right, He is ready now to take over PM office and I would be only happy to work under his leadership?

The man who is so "Lachaar" willing to work under a novice after holding the highest position of the PM of a country? Does he show spine to stand by his conscience, his personal convictions, and personal priciples? He has to be a "Rubber Stamp" and this Rubber Stamp is being Used, Misused and Abused in the last 10 years of UPA by Gandhi family for self serving political gains,.this book proves now.

This Book Titles Accidental Prime Minister proves it Now. Who has been Ruling this country for the last 10 years 
And why the Economy is in shambles, why so many scams, why so much of corruption, why national security is compromised and why foreign policy is weak that Pakistan and China are taking this government for granted. It is also possible the reports about ISI involvement or foreign hand at many places in the government, intelligence, police.

It must have been a well planned move by external forces to destabilize the country and economy when there is virtually a non existent government in a place or those who are running it are working against the interests of the country.?

Nothing at this stage can be ruled out when shocking revelations by the insider, none other than the closest aid of PM is exposing how Indian government has been functioning under the Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh. The Accidental Prime Minister?

It is good that in the right time, this story is none other than PMs closest Aid Sanjay Baru. This country will be always obliged to him for showing the courage to write about the UPA malfunctioning.

We are at a point to make our choice in 2014 national elections.

Do we need a Rubber Stamp to govern this country?
Do we need a Dynaty to RULE this country? Or Do we need a Nationalist Leader who will sell "ChaI" but not his India?

Decision is Yours. Because It is Your India, My India but Not of those who are today trying to Destroy India, Divide India, And Demolish Democracy with one Family Rule.

DECIDE Yourself while casting your vote in this national elections.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writwer, Publisher .