Saturday, April 12, 2014

We know now, Why Utterpradesh Tops Crimes?

Mulayum Singh Yadav
 fighting For Mumbai Rapists Rights.

His is at Best communal Politics?
Now I am convinced, why UP has highest criminal record. 

I just heard his shocking speech after his right hand and left-hand man Azam Khan spewed his poison about Kargil victory by Muslim Soldiers?

Have you heard what Mulayum Singh Yadav thinks of a RAPE? and Rapist?

He says...RAPE really is not a big deal. It happens. It is only a mistake by young men for which they do not deserve to be hanged? Then he says, Vote us in power and we will change this law for Rapists to hang? 

so he is telling his young Upietes, Go and RAPE the girls, Dont worry. Enjoy your sexdesires. I am there to Free you from the jail. But for that YOU need to help me?

He refereed to Mumbai gang rape of a young photo journalist at the Shakti Mill compound and said... Boys are Boys. sometimes they make such mistakes? His insane, bizarre logic?

And then he promises the audience that if we are elected, we will change such strong laws of death penalty for the rapist?

What was he trying to advocate? Was he using cheap political appeal on communal lines for votes? Which criminals and rapists he was trying to appeal for votes? What kind of communal politics he was playing?

Did he even think for a minute about the parents who lost their loving daughters like "Nirbhaya"?  

Can he ever imagine what if it happens to his own daughter? God forbid it should not happen to any girl on this planet. How will he react? Will he say the same thing?

Does he know, how many lives of young women are destroyed physically and emotionally for lifetime if at all, they are lucky to survive the ordeal? 

Otherwise an innocent life is lost even before it started living life in this beautiful world. And worse still, the family has lost a loved one.

Whose fault is it? Why should  an innocent get victimized, and why should the family lose their loved one? 

Yes, It is the very mindset of such political class which encourages criminal minds to commit Rape. That  is why UP is not safe for women and girls.

If the Next girl or a woman do not want to become a victim again because of some insane sex crazy lunatic who wants to rape a girl for pleasure... there MUST be LAWS in place to nail the rapist and HANG him for what heinous crime he has committed so that another girl will not become victim of another sex driven lunatic and no other lunatic will ever dare commit the crime. 

The punishments by courts are to prevent crimes from happening and not really to punish a criminal. That is how our civilized world has evolved with some Rules ands laws to deter criminals from committing crimes. This civilized world has evolved after experiences, trials and errors.

Today, even we have strict laws in place for Cruelty to Animals. Why?

And when the crime attracts Death penalty, it becomes more effective in controlling crimes like rapes, Dowry harassment and cold blooded killings. It is easier for Champions of Human rights Activists to advocate irrational approach but they do not have real solutions except just the lectures and sermons.
The government of UP has track record of working with criminals and goons.

Their own ministers are criminals and hardcore goons. How can they ever think of civilized society where there are effective laws and women can move around fearlessly? 

They themselves are criminals and uncivilized lot governing the state.

The is crime rate in UP is highest. It is a simple thing to understand... if the crimes are high then the laws must be harsh and punishments must be severest possible.
Have we been electing such sick minds in power who do not deserve to be lawmakers ? 

The time has come and it is this 2014 national elections time to think who do we want to govern INDIA? Not RULE India but govern this country. Not the kings and kingdoms. Not their price and princes.

We all should feel ashamed collectively for voting the most undeserving candidates for the last 30-40 years whose place is not in the assemblies or parliament but in Old Homes, Mental asylum or jail.

2014 national elections is the time to throw these criminals out of political system for sure. Remember this, you do not want to be ruled by criminals but by civilians who are in politics to serve people and the country the love.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher