Saturday, April 12, 2014

Why Make it a political Camapign Personal?

Narendra Modi got married when he was Minor.
Should that Be an issue in this national election?

Is congress not making it Personal and 
hitting Below The Belt?

Narendrabhai Modi get married 50 years back. He was then simply a victim of old traditional culture marrying children when minor. And it was illegal against the law.

Should that be an issue of the Election campaign by Congress?
Now Congress is holding it against Modi since Congress.Has no other election pitch in this Election to appeal for votes and seems to have accepted defeat.
What a shame for a National party which is governance for the last decade to take up a personal issue in national elections? 
Congress thinks it has got an ammunition , the RDX against Narendra Modi to sharpen their attack on his personal life when Narendra Modi declared his marital status.

Congress has become very aggressive with this new ammunition they got to play with their media friends. I was watching Karan Thapper show yesterday and was not very surprised to see him provoking Congress spokesperson. asking deliberately a question... will Congress plan to take this issue with the Election commission? Same case with few other TV channels who are desperately engaged in propagating heavily to tarnish the image of Modi.

But the bigger question that needs to be answered is...Does Indian constitution recognizes child marriage as valid?

Narendra Modi was asked to get married by his parents some times 46 years back when he was just a teenageboy of17 year old and a MINOR. He was not even an adult.

What is Congress trying say? Do They support child marriages in 2014 ?

This is made into a political issue by Modi`s opponents which can only be termed as character assassination with political motives. This is going too far and section of the media is playing it again with their political patronage with Congress. I want to ask...

Does Congress support Child marriage? If Modi was merely 17 years old, what was the age of the girl? Were they both adult?

They were not. This has happened 45 to 50 years back and if we consider the economic and cultural backgrounds of the families then, such child marriages were forced upon by parents as a matter of cultural traditions.

The question Congress needs to answer is...Is Congress supporting such old traditions in 21st century ?

And what about the personal life of an individual ? Is it not a cheap way of questioning such highly personal issues about a person who was not responsible, Not even asked whether he wants to get married or not? Never asked what does he want to do in life ? That is the ways social and cultural traditions were followed.

That was the era when children were not given the freedom to make their own decisions nor allowed to question the decisions of their elders. Don't we know this? If we decide to make every issue political for political millage,Then somebody will justify what Azam Khan said about Kargil war just for vote bank politics. He said, Kargil war was fought by Muslim Soldiers only and won and no Hindu soldier was fighting in Kargil war? Was it not a politically motivated and mischievous speech?

Then in this political please the vote banks. what Mulayum singh said in his sppech about the Rapists should also be justified?

What Mulayum Singh Yaday uttered in his speech about the Rapists.."Boys are Boys" they make mistakes sometimes, for which they need not be hanged?

How far this shameless political class is going to take politics to?

And again, if a personal life of people who are in public life have to be questioned on the basis of high morality, why only question Narendra Modi ?

Why not start from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ? Why not Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi too? Why not Digvijay Singh, Sharad Pawar, Ashok Chavan, Pawan Bansal who have many skeletons hidden in their cupboards and are fighting elections today ? 

Are their pasts clean, unquestionable?

Will somebody like Digvijay Singh, and Mrs Shobha Oza, the Congress spokesperson tell the nation... about Rahul Gandhi`s background?

There are serious charges against Rahul Gandhi in the public domain. About his Degree, his education, his Italian passport and his arrest at Boston airport for carrying 200,000 US dollar cash in his bag? 

Will the Congressmen taking high moral ground explain the countrymen, what is all that about?

That may not be true or may be true, but the allegations are leveled and that are doing rounds in the media.? Which are not refuted till today nor challenged by the Gandhi family?

Now somebody can say, it is stretching it too far but are these not serious allegations against somebody wanting to become the Prime Minister of India? How can you trivialize it?

Just recently, we read in the newspapers, that the court in USA demanded passport photocopy of Sonia Gandhi as she has been the accused of protecting some Congressmen who have criminal charges for inciting, provoking and participating in 1984 Sikh riots ?

The case is lodged by Sikh group in US with the court for gross Human Rights Violation it is reported. Would Congress government like to explain to this nation what is Sonia Gandhi accused for? It is only demanded because she too is in public life and as a President of Congress party running this government.

If Modi`s underage marriage when he was a minor can be questioned on moral grounds, there are serious charges against many others in Congress and one of them is Rahul Gandhi?

The senior most legal experts Ram Jethmalani and Dr subramanian Swamy have challenged the Gandhi family to take them to court for leveling these serious allegations? 

Nobody from Congress has responded till today? Should their silence be taken as something fishy?

Rahul Gandhi too wants to become the Prime Minister of this country. Should he not come out clean on the allegations leveled at him?

What is public suppose to understand? Are the allegations True or false?

When congress is trying to put Modi in the Dock, let Congress explain about their own past . Specially of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. Will they?

Otherwise...Congress political motives to change the election focus from their 10 year decade of Decay, will remain the main suspect.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher,