Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Congress leadership not responsible for the defeat.

News: Congress to form introspection panel

Congress Leadership does not take the blame 
for 2014 humiliating Defeat.

What a joke? Even for introspection they want a committee to find out what went wrong? It is no rocket science to understand why Congress got defeated in these 2+14 National Elections..

Ask an ordinary person who voted for Modi, Why he chose to vote for Modi and you will get all the answers. It is a voter who voted you out of power. Ask the voter. and he/she will tell you.
He will tell you...I was not interested in your secular-communal politics. I was concerned with why am I buying milk for 65 Rs ltr? Why am I buying Veges for so high prices? Why am I not getting job? Why am I not getting power and water 24 hrs 365 days? Why am I worried when my daughter, sister and mother goes out? Why do I feel scared to be at the railway stations, Trains, Buses or Malls? Will I get killed in a bomb blasts?

Yes... I am a secular minded person. but It does not help me or my friend Ahmed who is my next door neighbor when we live our lives in a stressful state in frustrations because it is a struggle to live life, to meet both ends.

Who was interested in your election speeches on secular, communal politics which do not help to feed us and our families?

Which do not pay for our eduction and health expense. So we decided to vote for a person who promised us on development, good governance, job opportunities, 24 hrs water and power, good roads, health facilities and good eduction, security for all.
And in his speeches he said... "Mere Sauwaso Karod Deshwasio". In saying this, he meant "Amer, Akbar, Anthony". He says... "Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas" and he meant "Amar, Akbar, Anthony" 

Where is secular and communal divide that you talk of? That you keep blaming him for? We never thought he is like Hirtler, Communal, Fascist or Maut Ka Saudagar?

He did not say anything to us on communal secular politics. He knew the hardships we are facing because of corruption and bad governance. He gave us the hope by saying... Vote for Good governance, Development and progress.

And we could believe his honest appeal about...Ache Din Anne Wale Hain!  We decided to Vote for a "Chaywallah" who has proved in Gujarat what he can do to Change India. That story about Gujarat development is true which you tried your best to rubbish it with your misleading political propaganda and you lost our Votes.

We chose Narendra Modi, an honest, non corrupt "Chaywalllaha" over dishonest, corrupt Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.

That´s All was the difference..If you want to know the real story why you are voted out .. It is this story really. Go and ask any ordinary man on the street.and he will tell you the same story.
But since you refuse to listen to people, YOU LOST.  And Take it from me... You will lose again and again because Dishonesty does not pay.

The reality today is. it is proved again and again, you have failed miserably in offering a visionary leadership to Congress.. You both are Hollow characters and enjoying powers without any merits. Without being accountable and answerable to anyone. 

And this country is made to pay the heavy price because some of the dishonest Congressmen, your family loyalists and sycophants think Gandhi family only can run Congress party.

That is where the problem lies and that is the reason too why this country is got into complete mess, politically, economically, and culturally. If you both take the blame graciously for the humiliating defeat Congress party faced, in this national elections,  May be You both would do a favor to Congress party to once again revive by handing over leadership baton to some able, capable, competent leader in Congress.

You both surely can do that much for the party which gave you so much in return. You would also be doing good for this country. Or else the popular perception among people is... as a family, you are into playing self serving politics which is doing no good for India.

Accept the defeat. Take the full Responsibility. Step Down Graciously.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher