Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sonia and Rahul offered to Resign. Now watch the drama.

Sonia and Rahul offered to resign.

Now this is going to be another drama by Congress. They will surely resign  as planned and the Congress family loyalists will repose full faith in their leadership and will not accept their resignations. But to show off to public, this will be well choreographed ACT to regain high moral ground once again. 

That is the phony way Congress functions. 

Again... don't be surprised if section of the Congressmen raise demand for Mrs Priyunka Vadra to enter into politics and take over leadership role.

The problem with these sycophants is, they can not think beyond Gandhi family. and the reason for this posturing is, NONE of these politicians have ability to lead. None. they are like most obedient servants without conscience. They can work in the Gandhi family too. Yes, I am not exaggerating.

One of the Congressmen had said, if Soniajee asked me to sweep the floors of her house, I will do it with pleasure.. Why that? Even this 87 year old Dr Manmohan Singh, the PM of this country, had said to media... Rahul is now ready to take over the role of PM and I do not mind working under him? Didn't he say that in public?
The way they were speaking during election campaigning was proof enough to see their hollow characters. Kapil Sebal lost in this elections. Ajay Makhen who was heading Congress publicity campaign too lost. Look at the kind of people family got around them. All sycophants. Sushil Kumar Shinde lost his seat who is another family loyalist and a complete failure as home minister on Terror war waged against India.
If Congress President and vice President had any political vision and leadership material (which they do not) there was one brilliant statesman Congress had to revive Congress ship from sinking. That man was Pranav Mukharjee. He is a man of exceptional statesmanship, and political acumen, He would have been the best choice to be the Prime minister in UPA 2. 

But Sonia Gandhi and her family loyalists wanted Rahul Gandhi to take over Prime Ministership and therefore Pranab Daa was shifted smartly as President who some in Congress circle thought would stake his claim to Prime Ministership in future.

Because, the Gandhi family wanted to RULE India with only Gandhi name as their only qualification to stake the claim on PM post and family loyalists like Ahmed Patel, Shaqeel Ahemed, Sushilkumar Shinde, Anthony, Kapil Sebal, Gulam Nabhi Azad and many others always wanted Gandhi family member to take over Prime ministership so that they can play their own politics and also make political profits by retaining themselves in power.

They have with their self serving politics, selfish political motives ruined this country and proved they do not have any national pride in this country. Nor any serious concerns for the national issues of this country. 

The sole objective of this Congress group loyal to family was to loot this country and the family was part of the loot. This is evident as we can see from Robert Vadra who could built his Real Estate empire from nothing to crores and croes of Rupees in short time and the family never took any accountability for the loot by him. Of course, from one lakh investment, if someone can make three thousand plus crores in six months it is only because of the family in power. Was it otherwise possible for Vadra to make such huge profits?

Thank God this loot has stopped and BJP has got thumping majority. The best part of this national elections is... it is end of Dynasty. and time to strengthen Democracy..

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher. . .