Thursday, September 18, 2014

How Ridiculous ? Congress Publishing Booklet on BJP Performance?

Congress published a Booklet 
on 100 Days Failures of BJP in power.

Congress held a press conference which was enthusiastically presided over by Anand Sharma, Ex UPA cabinet minister, and a senior Congress leader.

A Booklet on BJP failures of 100 Days in government? 

I think, he must read a Book published by a thinker Titled "A Decade of Decay" of Congress by MR Venkatesh" ... that talks of 10 Year government led by Sonia,  Rahul Gandhi and Ex PM Dr Manmohan Singh.

The book gives an account of UPA government failures during 10 year Rule.

Anand Sharma should read that Book and enlighten himself and upgrade his knowledge.

And why forget bureaucrats who worked closely with the PM Dr Manmohan Singh and have published books about their own experiences, what they personally witnessed about the governance style by UPA led by Dr Manmohan Singh and his High Command Sonia Gandhi. Arent these four authors speaking volumes about  UPA ´s Decde of Decay?

Mr Anand Sharma... published a booklet on 100 days failures of NDA in power but forgot, Sanjay Baru, Deepak Parakh, Natwar Singh and Vinod Rai have published books to expose corrupt governance by Congress and its allied partners like DMK in a decade of  UPA rule.

Mr Sharma, Have you still  not read those books? Or You think those are fiction stories? Ohh Yes, I forgot, according to Congressmen, all these bureaucrats are liers and Congressmen are saints.
Since Anand Sharma and his fellow Congressmen now have lot of free time, they must also use it for a good cause and publish a Book on 3650 Days of Corrupt Governance By UPA.... " and call it ... A  Corrupt Dynasty in Democracy".

Look at these Congressmen.... They have no courage to speak the Truth and No courage to Face the Truth. And they claim themselves to be Gandhi followers??? They have to be total frauds. 

They still are not willing to accept that they are reduced to 44 number in the parliament because of national loot by their ministers.  And how arrogant can they become that hey do not respect the mandate given by the people. They do not respect the Electoral Democracy, the mandate in favor of BJP and NDA. which gave clear cut majority to BJP.

And the mandate is given for 60 months for Narendra Modi Government. Not for 100 days. 

And in 100 Days, Congress is publishing a Booklet with their judgement?

Congress has not voted BJP in power. It is the people who voted for BJP. Congress does not have any moral right to question Narendra Modi on his achievements in 100 Days.

To jog Mr Anand Sharma´s memory, It was Narendra Modi who asked his all cabinet Ministers to talk to people on what is done by each ministry in 100 days. And that was his own initiative.

Whereas... to freshen-up Mr Sharma´s bad memory.... it was UPA who had promised during 2004 Elections that, as soon as we come to power, in 100 Days, prices of essential commodities will be brought under control.

But the fact is, Dr Manmohan Singh, world´known economist could not.

Dr Manmohan Singh led UPA government could not bring down prices as promised to electorate. Neither UPA could control prices in 365 days, or in 3650 Days. In fact, prices of essential commodities only were shooting up because of corrupt ministers in UPA including top leaders.

3650 Days of Decay in the UPA governance by UPA´s corrupt ministers, ... Country saw 2G, CWG, Coalgate, Adarsha, Railgate, AugustaWestland, Irrigation scam, Water and power scams, Defense scams, Bank scams, Sahara Scams, Kingfisher Scam, Air India Scam, and many many other scams which all happened during 3650 Days of UPA´s corrupt  governance.

Most cases against Congress ministers are in the Supreme Court.

CBI was used, misused, Intelligence was misused, Police agencies were misused, Bangladeshi illegal immigrants were settled for creating vote banks, Indian Mujahedin activities were growing, ISI spies had entered into Indian political system and administration with the help of some corrupt politicians. National security was compromised. Maoists activities grew with political protection by some corrupt NGOs.

Some Human Right Activists were getting foreign funding to destabilize India and all of them were operating with the blessings of Congress and allied partners who were constantly involved in vote bank politics.

About Black Money, Congress did not act for four long years when SC asked to set up SIT to investigate. And this country knows, why UPA led by Sonia and Dr Manmohan Singh kept delaying the SIT formation and decided not to form it because, all those Congressmen who had parked their black money in Swiss accounts, they wanted to transfer their money to other safe heavens and they were buying time. That is why today... every Congressman is asking Narendra Modi where is the Black money he promised to get back in 100 Days?

They know it well, their funds are shifted to other secret accounts in some other countries and Modi cant lay his hands on that.

This country in 3650 Days... was fooled, looted, mismanaged. And there was a systematic plan to destabilize this country, its economy and its polity.
And Yes... the anti national elements succeeded in their political goals. If Anand Sharma wants to know.... he should read this book instead of misleading people of this country.

It can only be called a Shameless Act, nothing else.. Only Besharam Politicians can indulge into such shameless act.

For the readers to know about this book, please visit the link below..

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher