Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Unprofessional, corrupt main stream media

The Difference between 
International and Indian journalism

When I was watching Mr Modi´s interview on CNN World by Fareed Zakaria.
I could see the world of difference in international journalism standards  and If the same interview was taken by Indian News channel ??

We would have immediately seen Flashing Breaking News 

"PM Modi has changed from communal to secular"
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Then in the Debate you would see following participants on the panel :

Kumar Ketkar, Vinod Mehata, Arti Jairath, Kamal Faruqee,
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP; Sanjay Jha, Spokesperson, Congress; Prem Shukla, Executive Editor, Dopahar ka Saamna; Rahul Narvekar, Spokesperson & MLC, NCP; RLD; Gaurav Bhatia,

In the one hour debate....every word, every sentence Modi said in his interview would be analyzed for its real  meaning, hidden meaning, his real agenda by the participants in their own political and journalistic ways. Some prejudice, bias, some with political motives, some with dislike for Mr Modi would with authority express their views as if the audience watching them is an ass?

They all consider themselves to be expert political analysts. And think, rest of the population is stupid, uneducated, illiterate.

Now again look at the sort of questions Anchor would ask panelists....

Kumar Ketkar... and Kamal Faruqee.... Vinod Mehta....

Do you think Modi is changing his image from communal to secular?
Is there a dramatic shift in his political positioning?
Is he trying to woo minority before assembly elections?
Do you think he means what he said? Or do you think it is all about politics?
Why sudden love for minority? Is he scared ?
What is he trying to say? Is he defending his previous position of Hindutva`?
Or is he softening it? Is he not trying to give some message to RSS and hard core Hindu outfits?

Is he trying to distance himself from hard core Hindutva agenda?

Now Kumar Ketkar is a known Congress loyalist, what answer do you expect from him? A phony character who does not follow journalistic ethics.
And Kamal Faruqee is an Ex JDU member, works on appeasement of minority and vote bank politics, again known as Modi hater and paints him as divisive, communal, fascist and a face of RSS,with Hindutva agenda. He is another phony character in Indian politics.

How can you take them seriously who are not true to their own conscience?

Again Vinod Mehta is a known Congress loyalist, so we know his political leaning and support. What value his personal opinions have?

So ultimately, what answers do you expect from these phony political analysts? Whose honesty is not even to their own profession ?

But the point I am trying to make here is completely different and that is... 

After watching CNN World Exclusive interview of Mr Modi in the international media space, the biggest difference I observed was...

CNN World is not having any "Political Debate" on Modi´s interview to analyze his every word, every sentence after the interview got over by the CNN World studio. No " Media trials" , No debates on why he said this and what he means by that?

Seriously... this was the biggest difference I observed between our media and the international media. Our media operates exactly on the lines of "Khaap Panchayats" who are so crude in their trials and judgement, that you wonder some times, are we in 21st century?

The international media is not judgmental, do not pass judgements on what the political leaders say. Even the questions asked are more with substance, quest to know more about the person, his/ her mindset, vision, intellect,  than to target the personality with political motives.

Like I have observed... most of our journalists, like Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan, Sonia Singh who have political motives to target Mr Modi will question their guests like Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton... about 2002 riots, Modi´s communal agenda, Hindutva, and finally US visa denial to Mr Modi.

Because their journalism hovers around political agenda they all follow of their sponsors like Congress. or some foreign organizations who fund them.

How do you expect them to follow journalistic ethics, professional honesty if they have opened their shops to work with their political bosses?

That is why our corrupt popular media needs to be exposed for what it stands for and when you watch international media, you can see the difference in international journalism and the Indian.

Our main stream media is not only dishing out paid views, reviews, but also misleading people while reporting news stories.

It is insulting the intelligence of the viewers, thinking their audience buy their stories without raising any doubts about their authenticity. or factual reality.

I would only say... they are sadly mistaken. Indians are no fools.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.