Friday, September 12, 2014

Ex CAG Chief Exposing UPA Scams in his Book

We know now who was Responsible 
to Bleed Maharaja
For 2g CWG Coal Scams

Are they Both culprits?
This news  story about 2G, CWG, Coalgate scams is now revealed By Ex Chief Of CAG Mr Vinod Rai. He also exposed who was really responsible for the bleeding of Air India Maharaja.

Air India loot by Aviation Minister and some top Directors on the board of Air India was in public domain 2 - 3 years back.

Many from Air India revealed it that the corrupt nexus between top management of AI and the ministry of Aviation is looting Air India. But now,  Ex Chief of CAG Mr Vinod Rai in his interview with Arnab Goswami on Times Now has spilled the beans in public, who was responsible for Bleeding the Maharaja.

It is no more a secret and it is also true, the Aviation Minister then from UPA, Mr Praful Patel of NCP demanded special package to revive Air India when it was a a sinking ship all knew. But the larger game was to benefit some people from the UPA government and make money together.

Praful Patel nor Air India management were serious to revive AI.

The last "Nail" in the coffin however was when Air India decided to buy new planes, when  AI was in the ICU... in a coma. This time, the Aviation Minister Praful Patel recommended Air India Board of Directors to think of long term plans to revive Air India once again and buy large no of fleet .

That time, the board initially had decided to purchase 28 new planes, but on the Minister´s suggestion, board revised its decision and decided to purchase 68 new planes?

On the cost side, this was about 1000 million US Dollars initially (about 28,000 Crores in Rupees) cost of 28 planes.  it jumped to 7000 million US Dollars when the order was placed for 68 planes.
Who benefited from this purchases? How Air India management agreed to go for 68 planes when according to their business vision, 28 nos was initially good no to sustain and promote the airline?

Air India got a bailout package twice from Dr Manmohan Singh even when Air India had no chance to get revived due to UPA government´s open air policy?

Then on what grounds it was decided to spend such an amount of Tax payer´s money ?  Why was it  blown on the sinking ship which Praful Patel like Businessman should have known? And the AI board of Directors too should have known. But from the face of it, it seems a huge scam where together loot is shared in this purchase. and many other operational costs.

Why did Praful Patel insisted  for its Revival with such a huge cost?

Then why did Dr Manmohan Singh agreed to bail out packages on the insistence of then aviation minister Praful Patel? Whose interests was involved in such a sick Air line ?

This and many many questions come to your mind since the loot now is exposed.  by Ex Chief of CAG who has a great degree of credibility on his honesty and professional integrity.

Congress says Vinod Rai is lying ? Congress says... Sanjay Baruh is lying? Congress says Deepak Parak is lying? Congress says, Natwar Singh is lying?

So who is speaking the truth? Congress ? Why should we take Congress word and not of Vinod Rai?

All these cases, 2G, CWG, Coal Gate Air India, must be investigated to find out the truth about who looted this country and who allowed it?

Dr Manmohan Singh? Sonia Gandhi and Family? Who???

We want to know because, it is the money of the people of India and not of any family. The looters must be booked and tried, jailed and their properties confiscated to recover the loot of the national wealth.

Lots of skeletons are tumbling out of UPA cupboards. Many many more will tumble out as honest bureaucrats will have the confidence to come forward and speak the truth.

Honest people like Vinod Rai must be admired for their courage to let the nation know, what was happening behind the curtains of Indian politics.

Because politicians who looted this country will never speak the truth. NCP leaders like Tariq Anwar and Majid Memon appear on TV channels and keep targeting BJP and Narendra Modi and when it comes to their accountability, they are puting Vinod Rai in the dock by questioning why was he quiet that time and why is he talking now?

JDU leader has gone 10 steps ahead and said to media...

  " Now we should pass a law  that will arrest such people who after retirement write books?And imagine the same politicians call Modi fascist? Dictator?

Time has come to expose these corrupt leaders and throw them in the jail for looting this country. And that time has come that is why these all corrupt leaders are getting together with the slogan... " BJP Ko Harao... Modi Ko Bhagao!! And this coalition is led by the corrupt, convicted politician Laloo Prasad who is released on bail.

This needs to change.  Corrupt and criminals can not stay in politics.

Ajay Angre
Writer, Author, Publisher