Saturday, September 27, 2014

Modi Warmly Welcomed in America

 Jub Ek Chaaywallah Prime Minister Banta Hai
Democracy WINS!

If Indians don't feel proud today....
When will ?
About their Prime Minister Mr Modi getting Rock Star like Reception in a country like USA which refused to give him Visa in 2005, I think, we as citizens are not being taught by the teachers, parents or elders to admire, appreciate moments of national pride.

Narendra Modi is not BJP´s Prime Minister. He is a Prime Minister of India.

This is why He is loved by every Indian and now the world.

Is there something wrong with our collective psyche? Why is it that we do not take pride in our national affairs and events? Do we lack national character ? Are we dishonest and always politically motivated individuals? And are we habitual to playing petty, cheap politics in every national affair ?

May be, to some it is not digestible to see a "Prime Minister who does not come from Gandhi Nehru family, and has risen from a " Chaaywalla starus" to a world class tall leader, adored by even an international community. NRI´s, particularly American Indians have given a rousing welcome because of his honest , non -corrupt character.

This is not going down well with political parties like Congress, JDU, SP, RJD, BSP, TMC who are known for their corrupt governance. , The hate mongers who are indulging into petty and cheap politics do not like honest non corrupt, able and capable leaders like Mr Modi.

Mr Modi is simple, honest, and an idea man with great leadership quality with remarkable vision to re-build India and will take India to enviable heights which now people of India and all over are convinced.

For Congress, SP, NCP, TJD, JDU, BSP, DMK, it is a painful truth to accept and digest. It is also challenging their political existence.

Ek Chaaywalla??? In America? Giving speech to over 50,000 Indian Americans? And they are going crazy just to see him? Touch him??? Watch him talk???

Ek Chaaywalah??? Yehh Baat Kuch Hajum Nahin Hoti Hai !!! 
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher