Friday, July 24, 2015

Asaddudin Owaisi shows his Communal Color.

This is Communal Politics over 
Terrorist attack on Indians.

Asaddudin Owaisi Says...

Yakub Memon, Terrorist of 1993 serial Blasts in Mumbai
is given Capital Punishment because He is Muslim?

253 innocent people Died in the Serial bomb blasts, 
712 innocent got injured, and about 40,000 were affected in the serial blasts.

22 years court trial was going on and Yakub Memon got every opportunity to defend himself. But the Supreme Court in its judgement said, he committed rarest of the rear heinous crime against humanity, and for which he was found guilty.
He Must Be Hanged! Said the Court.
And Owaisi MIM Chief gives lectures to BJP on Secularism.and he himself plays communal politics. 
What a fake Secularist? Can any Indian make such insulting comments on Supreme Court verdict?
Mr Asaddudin.....Terrorist has no religion, cast or creed.
But these Owaisi brothers like to promote terrorism and shamelessly support the Terrorist who is a confirmed convict for his involvement in the serial Bomb Blasts in Mumbai on March 12,1993 
Yakub Memon funded it and provided all logistic support in killing innocent people who were all human beings of every religion, cast and creed.
It is shocking that Azam Khan, Asaduddin Owaisi, Majid memon, Abu Azmi are all disrespecting the Supreme court judgement which is a contempt of the court when you say... Yakub Memon is being hanged because he is Muslim.
Why should he not be hanged for destroying many thousand innocent families?
If Asaddudin Owaisi thinks, the terror attack was not on India and on Indians, and if he is thinking, he is Muslim first and Indian later, he is insulting all those innocents who got killed in the terror attack which was plotted, funded and executed by Yakub Memon.... Then Owaisi is anti national and a traitor.
There can not be politics over terrorist who are enemies of not just India but whole world and killers of humanity. 
The only punishment is to Hang them till Death. Nothing less.