Friday, July 24, 2015

Rahul Gandhi ... Dont Self Certify Your Political Honesty


Rahul Gandhi Says
People Voted for Modi and Not Sushma Swaraj

You are right Rahuljee. You have started realizing now after one year.
But the only difference in your thought is.... they voted Modi to throw Congress out. Think over that why you were thrown out of power. Your talk sounds like you were Holy Cow and people did a big mistake of voting for Narendra Mod and that is what is your political argument is to convince people of this country that your choice to vote Modi in power was wrong..Not really Rahul Gandhi 
It was not a Big mistake because your Congress party was milking the cow for too long and looting this country.
Boffors Scam, 2G Scam, CWG Scam, Coal Scam, Rail Scam, Irrigation Scam, Augusta Helicopter Scam, Adarsha Scam, Roads Scam, Ports Scam, Power Scam
There is a question mark on your own character.and that of your High command.
Your own Son-in-Law Robert Vadra when he was making crores with no money in the pocket, Your Congress CM Hooda of Haryana was helping him to print currency in crores. 
At that time, You and your Congress President never thought it was corruption and Robert Vadra is been helped by your CM Hooda and both should go to jail?
Now Robert Vadra is your Son-in-Law and has been minting money by using your family influence and many of your Congressmen are helping him in the loot.
Where was your morality and sense of public probity, impropriety?
When your own Congress Ministers were involved in a loot in Adarsha Scam and making crores on prime properties, you supported them and never raised questions  even once on misuse of constitutional powers by your Chief Ministers and all other Congress ministers?
That time you never knew what public probity, impropriety, and morality meant?
Suddenly on Lalit Modi Scam, which happened in during your UPA government in power and your Home Minister, Finance Minister, P.Chidamambaram allowed Lalit Modi an escape rout to leave this country for reasons not known, You are now taking high moral ground and raising issues on misuse of Constitutional powers?
May be you all were involved and beneficiaries of IPL Loot collectively and allowed Lalit Modi to leave this country? 
Because, when you were in power at the center, you did not register any FIR with criminal charges on Lalit Modi??
When High Court´s three judge bench returned Lalit Modi´s passport which was wrongly withheld by your government, You did not go into appeal to Supreme Court ? Why? 
Where you not helping him to leave the country?
You were fully aware that he has got his passport back from the court, and you also knew he has committed serious financial frauds, like money laundering, why is that he was not booked then and arrested by your Home Minister Chidamabaram?
Where you not all helping Lalit Modi in a smart ways to leave this country? 
Your one senior Minister, Rajeev Shukla was BCCI board member, your political alliance partner Sharad Pawar was in your UPA government as a cabinet Minister, All of you did not realize, this criminal will one Day abscond?
The fact is, YOU ALL willingly, knowingly, provided an ESCAPE Rout and helped this criminal to leave this country. If Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje have helped this criminal, you were all part of the larger political conspiracy to let this criminal get off the hook.
So you all are partners with Lalit Modi and may be, he has shared his loot with you all and just to close the IPL Scam chapter, you all sent him out to keep his mouth shut. so that YOU ALL stay safe.
Why shouldn't we see this whole IPL SCAM with this perspective??
TODAY this country is feeling cheated and thinking, all of you are involved in this scam, in the IPL Loot, and now trying to pass on the Buck to each other?
YOU need to prove Rahul Gandhi that public perception is wrong. In public view... You ALL are 420, CHOR !!
Now...Prove us wrong.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher