Friday, July 24, 2015


Pakistan Does it Again. 
It Blames India For Students Killings In Peshawar.
This Pakistani Political propaganda is to brainwash their people against India and also to build-up a case against India in the international forum.
This is what the Pakistan Ruling political class and their Army has been selling to their own people and killings of over 150 innocent students in Peshawar school is the result of their own politics.
Rightly what Hillery Clinton told Pakistani Diplomats was very true. if you keep "Snakes" in your own back yard,Feed them with Milk, they will one day bite you and Kill "
This Goebbels propaganda is backfiring on Pakistan only. The whole world is looking at Pakistan as a Country that breeds Terrorists. But why would Pakistani politicians care? When their own children are studying in London and New York schools? 
Who cares if the ordinary Pakistani gets killed on the streets?
And to keep fooling people with such news feeds, it is India killing you is easy to sell in Pakistan. And that helps all the Political and Army Rulers to sail easy in troubled waters.
Their ultimate interest is to run their shops with their brand of politics.
What have they got to do with innocent children getting killed by their own home grown Terror? After this terror attack, even one Terror group called Teherik E Taliban openly claimed the responsibility and Pakistani Army was on the mission to eliminate them from Afghan border, Some terrorists in their jails were even executed to calm the unrest in the people.
But Pakistan is a habitual lyre and want to tell the world, India is terrorizing them with their own fabricated stories. India is not interested in any cross border terrorism. India never believed in promoting it directly or indirectly from its soil. India wants good, friendly warm relations with its all neighbors. That is why our Prime minister Modi invited Nawaz Sherrif for his Swearing ceremony in Delhi.

But clearly the Army Rulers did not like it and decided to clip the wings of Nawaz Sherrif.

Till such time Democracy in Pakistan is not a reality on the ground, Democratically elected parliamentarians are not in full power in Pakistan, and till terrorists like Hafeez Said are given full support, backing and freedom to Bleed India, till Terror camps are sponsored by ISI and training provided to terrorists from their soil, Pakistan will never be a settled Democracy ever.It will remain only a far fetched dream.

To even think today, Pakistan will be friendly with India, is living in a fools paradise. 
The only unfortunate part in this story is... You cant change your Rogue Neighbors.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Pblisher