Thursday, December 5, 2013

Congress Hypocrisy about Gujarat snooping

Is Congress Taking High Constitutional Ground Today 
On Gujarat Snooping ?

Look who is talking of personal freedom of people, personal life of people and fundamental rights of citizen??  Congress? 
Congress says, women are worried about being followed and kept under surveillance  by  Narendra Modi Government and has scared women all over India for invading personal privacy of women in Gujarat? Women belonging to congress camp, and some human rights activists are up in arms demanding Narendra Modi steps down as Chief Minister?
But surprisingly, we did not see same congress women protesting against Shoma Choudhari and Tarun Tejpal? We did not see these Congress women protesting against SP government in Utter Pradesh where women on the road are raped by gangs and they are killed? Where politicians of SP are making derogatory comments about women?
This is enough proof that this Gujarat Snooping is purely politically motivated propaganda once again against Modi and a political conspiracy. 
What right congress has to talk of all these after 1975 emergency Rule imposed on citizens when all the fundamental rights of  people of India were suspended. People were thrown in the jails without any crime committed? .
The only crime they committed was stood against Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi? 
And who was Sanjay Gandhi in the congress government? Nobody. But still somebody who was giving instructions to Congress Ministers what to do and what not? This happened only because of dynastic politics with the result, 21 months of emergency witnessed all sort of unimaginable Human rights violations 
That same congress is today so concerned about a Gujarat Snooping? Talking of Human rights violations?
This is a cruel joke played on gullible people of India who have a poor memory and get going with life when life for them is day to day struggle. The way Congress is arranging choreographed protests through Congress women's wings, and few Human rights activists, you can see the political agenda. 
Only, If so much of energy had been given for Bhopal Gas Victims and 1984 Shikh massacre in Delhi, all the victims would have got justice long time back. But to expect that fairness from these politically sponsored and motivated agents, it is too much to expect. 
All these fake people, be it politicians, section of the media, journalists or human rights activists, Bhopal tragedy and 1984 riots are politically incorrect for them. Because Congress is in the dock in both the cases for human rights violations. And Congress is not on their target, it is Narendra modi as it suits their interest politically and commercially too.
Bashing Narendra Modi is their prime agenda and so Gujarat Snooping is focused to make sure Narendra modi finally gets nailed. Then, their limited objective is achieved to eliminate Naredra Modi politically..
Today, it is only a political game for Congress, JDU, SP BSP RJD or Aam Admi Party.
Narendra Modi is their target since they all have nothing much to talk about themselves on what they can do for this country in the most constructive ways if come to power.. So Congress has a battalion of experts to look into all that Narendra Modi says, does, done, and what his administration or his ministers do. 
May be past Gujarat history is studied in depth and every issue is scanned to see how they can trap him before elections. The political goal is to TRAP Modi, Corner Him, keep accusing him, keep abusing him. Congress and its allied partners like Nitish Kumar are engaged with Modi centric propaganda. 
But what happened to serial bomb blasts those exploded, on the Gandhinagar ground in BJP rally in Bihar ?  Whose administration was responsible for that serious lapse?
Nobody demands that Chief minister of Bihar must resign for his government`s failure on serial bomb blasts at Gandhinagar which almost killed Narendra Modi ? Nobody wants to talk about it because none of them are interested in speaking the truth and none of them want to be accountable and answerable  for such bad governance. 
But when it comes to Narendra Modi, everyone jumps including Dr Manmohan Singh who  otherwise is quiet on Coalgate, Railgate, 2G or CWG scam. He becomes vocal and can speak on Narendra Modi, but will not utter a word on anything wrong happening in his backyard?
Congress ministers from Chidamabram, to Kapil Sebal, Salman Khurshid, Sushil Kumar Shinde will everyday in turn target Mr Modi but will not take responsibility for deficit in their own governance? 
When finance minister targets Mr Modi, how does he very conveniently  forgets Onions are selling for 100Rs Kg? Tomatoes for 50/ 60 Rs Kg and veges for 70-80 Rs kg?  Sugar for 50 Rs kg?  Milk and eggs middle class simply can not buy. 
Besides his own responsibility as a Finance Minister he knows what is happening in Gujarat but doesn't know what is happening in the market?
As a finance Minister of this country, how is he not responsible for commodity prices going high?  Why doesn't he tell the nation about his own failures ?

Agriculture Minister Mr Sharad Pawar says, I cant do anything about it because it is not under his control? Cricket is under his control but his own ministry responsible to work on how agro should be managed so that there is no shortage, there is no hoarding, and enough storage facility is built to preserve agricultural produce is not his responsibility?. 
Who is suppose to work on all this ? Why do people vote for these politicians who don't deliver and have vested interests? 
Why home minister of this country Sushil Kumar Shinde fails to catch IM terrorists operating from Indian soil, working with ISI, Hafeez Saeed of Pakistan and killing Indian citizens with their terror attacks?  
He and his government seems to have soft corner for IM operatives which results from his party`s minority appeasement policy?
Why home Ministry has miserably failed to convict arrested terrorists and hang them in the last one decade? Many arrested by their police and intelligence are released for lack of evidence? Whose failure is that? 
Why Sushil Kumar Shinde does not explain this nation on his own failures rather than Narendra Modi? 

When Pakistan cares a damn, involves in cross border terrorism, our jawans are beheaded, every day crossing LOC and kill Indian soldiers at the borders, sends trained terrorists in India like Ajmal Kasab to kill Indian citizens, Whose failure is that? What is the role of a foreign affairs minister? Has he not failed completely and totally in performing his own role? 
How is China brazenly occupying Indian land and Indian government is not even aware about it or could not stop China encroaching on our land many kilometers inside Indian territory? 
What was Salman Khurshid and his Foreign Affairs Ministry doing? 
Has his diplomacy worked in stopping Pakistan and China bullying India? Whose failure is that? Very smartly, Salman Khurshid keeps taking shots at Narendra Modi, what is his own track record? He and his own government have not only failed in managing foreign affairs but messed up in dealing with these two bullies  who have come to understand this Congress government is spineless and busy playing its own brand of politics with their own people. 
What right Salman Khurshid has got to talk against Narendra modi and Gujarat ? 
Let him explain this country on his own failures? Why is he running away from the facts and trying to divert attention of the people from his own failures?
Let first Congress prove it to people what have they delivered in the last 60 years of their governance? 
I stay in the suburbs of Mumbai that is Thane which is a mega city and power goes off five times everyday? Sometimes, 10 times we experience power shut offs? Water is in short supply. It is a condition of a city like Thane. Water shortage is there in a place like Mumbai and water is released hardly for an hour or so in some areas that includes place like in major cities.

Is this what the progress Congress in last 60 years bragging about?
This is the situation in metropolitan cities. We know in our rural areas, people have to go as far as 5 to 8 kms to fetch water ? And talk of power in villages?  12 to 14 hrs there is no power in villages. The roads are not existing and worst is, we have seen documentaries where school going children are crossing rivers on ropes? Because there do not exist bridges to cross from one side to other? What a shame after 67 years of independence? 
This is the performance record of Congress of the last 60 years of their governance. What is Congress bragging about their role in shaping India?

The tax payers money in crorres and crores is pocketed by politicians and even today these Congress politicians are looting this country. What are 2G, CWG, Boffors, Westland Chopper scams ? Railgate and coalgate scams ? What are Adarsha scam and irrigation scam? SRA schemes, Infrastructural projects, roads, bridges,Open spaces, gardens, creeks, and even forest lands are fraudulently sold to builders and all have made money in the last 67 years of their rule. 
The result of this corrupt rule is illegal constructions all over India. And  black money creation. Its no wonder billions are parked by many of these corrupt politicians in foreign accounts which P. Chidamabaram, Dr Manmohan Singh, who are economists do not want to talk about it because their own interests and ministers are involved in the corrupt practices. 
Congress has lot to answer on many frauds during their times. If corruption is seen at high levels it is Congress gift to this nation. 
Do they have any moral right to raise a finger against Narendra Modi? 
They dont but they are so shameless that all the corrupt are ganging up against one person for the last 10 years and trying to hang him. Only one person, Narendra Modi. Because he is not corrupt, Congress is not in a position to trap him on corruption. But these corrupt are constantly involved framing up charges against Narendra Modi Because he is seen by all the corrupt in Congress as a danger to their political existence.
Their loot of this country together with their political partners like Laloo Yadav, Mayawati, Mulayum Singh, Karunanidhi and family, is only the common cause for all of them to come together to destroy clean, efficient and non corrupt leader like Narendra Modi.? 

Congressmen, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Dr Manmohan singh must stop fooling people of India. We may have got fooled several times but not this time for sure they should  try their old tricks with poor man stories. They don't care aboutr poor man, poor farmer, or minority. For congress and its allied partners these are merely Vote Banks nothing more than that.

Before putting Narendra modi in the dock... Congress has to answer about 60 years of their loot and misgovernance.

Atleast... Narendra Modi is strong patriot, a nationalists and has not looted this country even if his model of development is flawed for the sake of an argument, for people of Gujarat it is acceptable and they have endorsed his vision three times consecutively. 

What do Dr Manmohan Sing as a PM, P: Chidamabaram as FM,  Sonia Gandhi, Congress President, Rahul Gandhi Vice President of Congress got to show on their governance model? 

The corruption ?  Loot of the national wealth? Black money generation ?  Poor governance?  Arrogance,? And false commitments like Garibi Hatao? Only dishonet,  hollow promises to poor people of India ?

Modi has delivered on performance and development.he has not looted this country.

We are willing to compromise on poor performance, bad governance but not robbing of this country, not pampering of enemies of this country who set off serial bombs to kill innocent Indians. and we will not tolerate anti national elements who are working for ISI staying on our Indian soil. 

This message has to be loud and claer to these political class which is dishonestly trying to sell their fake secular image to poor Indians.

Enough of their cheating. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher