Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sushil Kumar Shinde...Its time for you to Go Now.

Home Minister Says... 
Let Modi do his job and We will do our Job

Have you done Your Job Mr Shinde?

Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister needs to be reminded that Modi is doing his job but it is you and your Congress government which has failed miserably to do their own jobs and busy playing communal politics.

During Modi`s 12 years Governance not a single instance of Riot took place.

And Gujarat electorate elected him as their leader third consecutive time. This is a proof, he is doing his job well, to the full satisfaction of the people of Gujarat. 

But what about you and your government? Have you done your job?

Communal violence Bill is an example of Vote Bank Politics at its best by Congress to please minority community and ask for  their votes in 2014 elections. 

Isn't  that Communal politics trying to divide Hindu Muslims?  For Vote Bank politics?

Because Congress is desperately trying to woo Muslim voters with this Bill and trying to fool them once again which Congress is doing it with them for the last many decades when election time comes. But Congress thinks they can fool people all the time and think, voters will not know their  political agenda. 

May be in the past, Congress succeeded in fooling electorate from all the communities, but the times have changed.

Sushil Kumar Shinde as a Home Minister at the center and RR Patil as a Home minister in Maharashtra are two examples of BAD performers. And Bad governance. Dr Manmohan Singh at the center as PM  is worst example of bad governance.  

All have failed in their job role to provide protection and security to citizens of this country against Terror Attacks. 26/11 was a total failure of RR Patil `s  Ministry and central Home Ministry on intelligence failure, because of which, 167 innocent lives were lost. 

Who failed to do the job effectively and efficiently as Home Minister? Was it not Home Ministers at the State and Center?

26/11 exposed our police and intelligence completely on the preparedness to deal with Terror Attack. Police did not have any intelligence inputs, nor any special squad to deal with just 11 Terrorists who were on killing mission freely on the roads, at station and at Taj hotels. 

Imagine how shameful for a country like India who could not deal with 11 terrorists?

Where was the special Force to deal with a situation like 26/11? Who failed  to protect citizens?

The Home Ministry totally failed to provide security cover to citizens of this country and the same man, RR Patil today is heading the Home ministry ? Can any citizen have a sense of security under his charge? What moral right has he got to be the home Minister after 26711 attack. But the Congress and NCP do not care for public life and sentiments. Congress is running this country with non performing, incompetent  ministers at all levels.

This Communal Violence Bill is not required to deal with any riots. The real political purpose of congress is to woo Muslim voters.

There are enough laws in place today to deal with any law and order situation in the country. But if the Home Ministers like Sushil Kumar Shinde and RR Patil are heading Home ministries with their political agendas, No law can do any good. If the police working under Home ministry are not trained to professional competence to deal with crimes, and politicians like Sushil Kumar Shinde and his Congress party keep playing communal  politics, this bill can pose serious issues in the country which Sonia Rahul Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh led government really does not care. 

The national interest for all of them means nothing.coming back to power is important so that the loot can go on.

Sushil Kumar Shinde`s statement in the media is dishonest in its tone and color as this was the same Home minister who sent letters recently to all police stations instructing not to arrest Muslim youth without grounds? 

He was the same Home minister who openly talked of Saffron Terror. P. Chidamambaram and Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh were openly supporting the theory of Saffron terror which actually gave material to Pakistan, ISI and Hafeez Saeed to throw back all allegations at India, saying 26/11 too was a work of RSS and Bajrang Dal like organizations? 

This irresponsible statements did more damage to India interest than anything else. 

Today... Sushil Kumar Shinde and his Congress party is once again playing communal politics and this time at the cost of other communities for vote bank politics. 

They have noting to do with minority concerns or majority concerns.

For Congress it is purely politics of convenience. Let the country go to hell but Congress should manage politics and come back to power. That is the only Aim of Congress. Divide the two communities, Hindus, Muslims and Rule over like Maharajas.

We must end this communal politics played by Congress and its alliance partners. They need to be told, Do not take us for granted.  And Do not try to divide us again.

We have had enough of your communal politics. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher