Sunday, December 1, 2013

Who says, Narendra Modi is not the Right Candidate for PM position?

 Congress : Modi is not fit to be the PM

I often heard this flawed argument by politicians like Kapeel Sebal, Chidamabaram, Digvijay singh who keep telling people of India, Modi is not Prime Ministerial material ?  I know non of them have proved their worth in public life till today and have developed complex against Mr Modi. But today, Shaqeel Ahmed beat them all with his outrageous comments.

He said... Modi is " Anphadh Aadmi hai " meaning uneducated person he is and Modi is no comparison to Dr Manmohan Singh who is highly qualified?  He said... Modi is like stand alone comedy circus? His talk and act is like Comedy circus.... says Shqeel Ahemed

I do not know what is his own qualification, I only know, he is with congress only on one qualification that is, he is good at sycophancy!  He is in Congress with the blessings of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.  Like Digvijay Singh in Congress! .On their own, they are useless characters for this country and dangerous too because of their brand of politics.

But this argument... " that, Modi may be successful in his own state ( which congress politically doesn't agree) but can not he be the right choice to lead this nation as a PM candidate is unqualified statement in the first place and certainly an election propaganda.

Kapeel Sebal says, BJP should change their Prime ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi  and choose somebody else? The same politician who tried to fake us ZERO LOSS theory on 2G Scam and Coalgate Scam.that was Kapeel Sebal and Chidamambaram who were trying to fool people of India with their smart logic and fell flat with their argument later.

This is actually an argument floated by Congress`s  smart publicity managers, like Kapeel Sebal, Chidamambaram, Manish Tiwari to confuse electorate.and appeal not to vote for Modi..
As a strategy to politically assassinate and eliminate Narendra Modi and to stop him from coming to center, these political parties designed two way strategy. 

1, to convince people that Mr Modi.´s all claims about development are false and fake. The statistics are all fabricated and Gujarat has been always a developed state because of its enterprising Gujarati people.
2. Modi is communal, fascist, and was responsible for 2002 riots and he should not be pardoned but hanged for his role in Riots.
On these two points, all the propaganda machinery is working to influence citizens of India that Modi can not be acceptable to people of  India. Their logic? He is too autocratic, dominant, and pushy? He works like a dictator? And India doesn't want a dictator in a democratic setup. (Their pitch to people)   

But all of them forget one thing very conveniently, who decides that ? Who is fit to be the Prime Minister of this country?

Not these corrupt  politicians who play communal politics and in the last 65 years only looted this country. So in 2014 voters will decide who is communal, who is secular, who can give non corrupt governance and take care of the citizens passionately to improve their quality of life.

 Let people decide in 2014  

There was a time when people were questioning.. Who`s there after Nehru? 
And from nowhere Lal Bahadur Shshtri appeared as our leader and he taught a lesson to same Pakistan who is beheading our soldiers today. And this spineless Prime Minister is watching it all as a mute spectator?  People even had doubts about Lal Bahadur Shshtri`s capability but he proved everyone  wrong. 
Secondly, I do not even subscribe to the view which is often expressed by Congress media managers that, handling a state like Gujarat is one thing and handling country is another.
This is a myth and a false argument in the academic sense. This argument is cleverly developed by Congress to convince people, that don't get sold on Modi`s model of development and performance. To say this to people, is completely irrational, illogical, mischievous and politically motivated.  This is Congress propaganda.
What about Rajeev Gandhi, a pilot by profession ? He was not in politics.  
Did he have any political, administrative experience to govern country as large as India? But the same Congress made him the Prime minister of India when they had very experienced and more deserving politicians like Pranab Mukharjee? 
Was he not competent to become the leader of this country? 
Anytime he was. But the Dynastic politics played a role here and all other capable experienced candidates like Pranab Daa were smartly pushed back and only Gandhi family was promoted to take over Prime Ministerial role every time. 
After Rajeev Gandhi, on what basis Congress told this nation that Sonia Gandhi is competent to run this vast country without any political and administrative experience? And worst, what was her background?  India was a foreign country for her.  Without knowing the history of this country, Social, political dynamics of this country, she was proposed as a Congress Prime Ministerial candidate? How was that rational ?   
Today, if all Congressmen are trying to promote Rahul Gandhi as a suitable candidate for the PM position, what is the  basis? 
What is his experience? What is his track record? What are their academic back grounds? If Rajeev Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, can become Prime Ministers, Devi Gauda, Charan Singh, Chandra Shekahar coming form nowhere, from small states, can become Prime Ministers, ...why can not Modi who has a proven track record of 15 years. He is far far qualified, capable and superior candidate than all of them to become Prime minister of this country.
Why should anyone doubt his capability? 
Modi has all the leadership qualities and PLUS... he is non corrupt, and a staunch nationalist. That is what India wants today. India does not want anyone without knowledge, experience, wisdom and vision to take a captain-ship. It is not a job of any tom, dick and harry. 
A country like India with all its resources, talent, competence, only needs a visionary non corrupt leadership who can take this country to enviable heights. This is possible with good non corrupt governance,  without communal, vote bank politics.and not the way Congress wants to run like a trading shop or their private limited company..

Whether one likes it or not... Modi is the only competent visionary leader today who can perform and deliver what India wants. Others are useless politicians who only are expert in looting this country.and all the scams are a proof of this.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher