Thursday, December 5, 2013

MP Rajiv Shukla Grabs land in Mumbai worth 400 Crore

Congress MP Rajiv Shukla  exposed in
Land Scam?

Gets land worth Rs 400 crores for One lakh only  reserved for Public purposes?

 Was this not a Breaking News 
when MP grabs the land for peanuts for his wife just because of his proximity to Prime Minister ? 

Is this not political corruption?
Huge misuse and Abuse of Power?
Was this News presented and debated by any 
National TV channels?

Mr Ashok Pandit, Convener of Save Open Spaces, an Activists has exposed this fraud committed by Congress MP Rajiv Shukla through RTI information he sought on the plots reserved for primary school and playground meant for public purposes.

This news appeared in TOI on Dec 4,2013 but no TV channel  splashed this News.? Why is that? 

Because today, Rajiv Shukla is Congress MP and an influential personality in the media? 

Is it because, He is working closely with the Prime Minister as the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Planning, Government of India?

Why is this loot allowed? And who allowed this special favor? There has to be many bureaucrats, officials and politicians involved in this loot of 400 crores.  Why media is quiet?

Andheri residents are demanding that MP Rajiv Shukla resigns and face inquiry for allotment of two plots out-of-turn as a special favor to him which were reserved for a civic primary school and a playground. 

Both the plots over 3 acres in Andhri West were alloted to Bag Films Education society (BFES) to set up an IB/ ICSC School. The Chairman of the BFES is Anuradha Prasad, Shukla`s wife. Shukla himself was BFES secretary till 2007 when it had applied for the land allotment.

Just last month, Ashok Pandit wrote to CM Prithviraj Chavan complaining in his letter, how this was sanctioned by the state authority with all approvals and no one raised any objections over the plots meant for public purposes allotted for private profits?

The present conservative estimation for the plots is about Rs 400 Crores but BFES got it for less than One Lakh, Ashok Pandit said.

Everytime, Congress MP Rajiv Shukla, Rahul Gandhi, Chidamabaram, taking high moral ground when it comes to putting others in the dock. Especially Narendra Modi. 

Will Rahul Gandhi ask Rajiv Shukla to step down for this fraud on moral ground ?

Congressmen want Narendra Modi to step down on every allegation made against him and Rajiv Shukla is vocal about his high moral claims. 

Will Rajiv Shukla Resign on this serious fraud committed by him on the poor section of the society? For depriving them of education facility ? 

Will Rajiv Shukla appear before the inquiry committee to explain the undue favor to him by the State?

This is a proof of Congress corrupt Rule that has been looting this country for years. Enjoying lands at throw away prices. Enjoying free lands from governments for educational institutes, getting Licenses, permits and running commercial establishments for profits.

There is No consideration or place for poor ! Congress claim for poor is a big fraud.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher   

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