Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Congress worried by the mood of the nation

Is Congress worried about the mood of the people?

Looking at Congress views on Opinion Polls, Congress sounds worried and making an attempt to indirectly curtail the right of expression. And by using Election commission as a ploy trying to promote their political view about censorship on opinion polls. Is this a sign of nervousness about 2014 verdict?

The Congress Argument: The absurd logic, and  the irrational reasoning that is difficult to accept.

What is the argument presented by Congress party on opinion polls? Its authenticity on surveys. Its small scale sampling. The questions raised....How can small size surveys from the multi, cultural, multi lingual, multi layered, ethnic communities with diverse profiles, with different economic backgrounds give any believable results? We are a country of 1.2 billion population and few thousand people interviewed can not reveal the correct picture. Congress says... it can not project the right picture in terms of  national or global perspectives. 

And it has adverse impact too when used with political agenda. Congress party says.

As regards to small sample survey which Congress is arguing about which does not reflect the entire 1.2 Billion population view and so has no relevance is an argument which is flawed.  If it is true then 543 Parliamentarians sitting as lawmakers are also a tiny small number which should not be the reflection of 1.2 billion people?  Only 543 parliamentarians can not talk for 1.2 Billion people and question, who is civil society? Who is Anna Hazare? Who is Arvind Kejariwal? Why question Lata Didi if she talks in favor of Narendra Modi to become next Prime Minister?

What is 543 number in the parliament representing 1.2 billion people of India?

With the same logic this number also is irrelevant and should not be taken seriously when passing laws in the parliament ? The logic of Congress is in short curb the media freedom, curb the political freedom and let there be  only Congress Rule. One party Rule. One family Rule. One person Rule. There is no Democracy nor any freedom for other than the Royal, Privileged political Ruling Class just like kingdoms, Rulers of the past.

This time, when opinion polls are not showing favorable results for Congress, Congress seems to be worried by all the poll results. But if the results were showing Congress Winning in Assembly or Parliamentary elections, would Congress have made the same argument?  Ban the Polls? For they are  projecting not real, true but false picture ?
The most important issue at the bottom of this Congress position on this is, not the survey per´se. It is the FREEDOM of MEDIA. It is the FREEDOM of PRESS and the FREEDOM of liberty, right to expression. This Congress thinks is hurting its political interest and that needs to be stopped. And so Congress is using Election commission proposal which Congress had rejected in the past with its strong disapproval.

Whether congress likes or not, congress agrees or not, it is everything got to do with the fundamental right. And if it is argued, it influences the voter, it is a flawed argument again because it is merely reflecting opinions of the people. It is not influencing the minds of the people nor influencing people to change the view. People form their views and opinions from various sources. News Paper Editorials, TV debates, daily News , press views, reviews, by listening to the views of famous personalities like Lata Mangeshkar, political analysts, political activists, Reformers like Anna Hazare, famous economists like Lord Meghnath Desai and also by famous political personalities who have credibility, honesty and political wisdom.

Then in the society there are peer groups, friend circles, family influences and opinion leaders. And today, there is Face Book and Twitter like social platforms which are playing  important roles in the formation of views of the youth. Right or wrong. But these all are influential factors changing and forming opinions and views.  You cant stop them and you cant ban them.

Should all these sources from where the mind gets influenced be BANNED? 

What an irrational and illogical thinking is this? Is this an Emergency Rule where you suspend the basic rights of the people? Congress got first antagonized with social media because, Mr Modi is seen as popular leader, a favorable choice  as a Prime Ministerial candidate and Congress bashing in the social media is conspicuous. 

Are we living in a democracy or  an autocracy?

Do we have the independence to express ourselves freely, frankly, fearlessly or only privileged political class like Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari, Ajay Maken, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Chidamabaram, Ahmed Patel, Shakeel Ahmed, can enjoy the constitutional freedom to call Mr Modi...

Gangu Teli,
Maut Ka Saudagar,

Digvijay Singh without presenting any evidence calls RSS Taliban like extremist terror group? Is he not trying to influence the people of India with his communal politics?

Are the debates on TV channels not influencing the audience? Are the news paper editorials, views and reviews not trying to influence the minds of readers? What is Rahul Gandhi doing when he holds rallys? Is he not trying to influence his gatherings? What about Congress advertising campaigns in the media? Are they not trying to influence the public opinion in favor of Congress? Why Congress keeps talking about RTI, Food Security Bill, Land Bill, Reservations for minorities ? Is it not a Congress gameplan to influence voter in favor of Congress ?

STOP ALL OF THIS PUBLICITY.  Will Congress Do that?
Please don't insult the intelligence of the civil society.  Enough of fooling

Ajay angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.