Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kick the Criminals out from your party.

Will ALL major Political Parties 
kick out criminals from their parties?  

Will BJP and Congress, two major political parties take the lead and set an example?
We, the people of India would like to see, two major political parties, BJP and Congress FREE this country from criminal elements before 2014. If they fail, we must exercise en mass NOTA option to teach these political parties a lesson.

The News is shocking about TWO MPs, one from BJP,  another from BSP are arrested for murders. BJP MP is found involved in killing of an RTI activists in 2010. And BSP MPs wife has brutally killed their servant in their villa and her husband (MP) tried to cover-up the murder. 

The Lawmakers turned Lawbreakers.

What is happening in India ? The political class has become so shameless that they need help of the hardcore criminals to win elections?

There can not be more shocking news than this today about the LAWMAKERS  we elect to make laws for our country. This news speaks volumes about criminalization of politics in every political party. There is no exception. This criminalization of politics is happened over a long time and all the political parties have consciously, knowingly, as a matter of political strategy chosen candidates of criminal backgrounds and given tickets simply because all of these criminal elements give cash to political parties and buy tickets and then with their money and muscle power get elected as Lawmakers. The Black money that flows in during election time is in truck loads and all political parties spend crores and croes of rupees to win the elections. Every political party is merrily hiring criminals for money and muscle power.

Which political party has raised the issue about Black Money and criminals entering into politics ?

It is a shame that all political parties are openly spending cash, hard currency during election times for buying voters from slums. Spend crores in cash liberally on food, liquor, entertainment and  poor class is being used misused and abused by the political class to come to power. At this very point corruption starts. The money spent on elections then is recovered in 10 folds during 5 year term by elected representatives. This has been the business model all political parties are working on and this is how criminals got entry into political parties to begin with.

A staggering 162 out of 543 honorable members of India's lower house face criminal charges, according to a new report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), a nonprofit election watchdog. The number in state-level legislatures is 1,258 out of 4,032.

Worse still, statistics show that a candidate with a criminal record is nearly twice as likely than one with a clean record to win a seat at the big table. Criminals are even sought out by parties, for their nefarious attributes. The money and muscle of hardened criminals, it turns out, make them vital players for all of India's political parties.

In most polls, getting a ticket from one of the major parties is more than half the battle, and every party in India gives tickets to so-called “history sheeters” After that, the alleged criminals have the resources and power to buy or intimidate voters — and rivals — as well as the fig leaf of respectability associated with their name brand backers.

“They [the alleged criminals] are winning because they are contesting on the party's ticket,” Bairwal said.
(Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), “The problem is that they continue to get tickets from the parties. They themselves have muscle power and money power, and then the party comes in and gives its branding power.”

Will ALL Political parties STOP giving election tickets to criminals and kick-out those who are enjoying the political powers under the political patronage?
We the citizens would like to hear from Narendra Modi who is leading the BJP campaign and a Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 elections.  The people of India are looking at Mr Modi with high hopes  after 10 years of  corrupt governance and communal agenda by UPA 2.

The election Reforms is a major challenge for one who will lead this country and people of India are asking for change in election Rules for better.

We want to see the CHANGE in political thinking and in Indian politics.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher