Friday, November 8, 2013

Views By Intellectuals on Congress Government

Listen to what the intellectuals think
about this Government.

We have been listening to TV Debates and often watching the same faces, same views, same rhetoric  expressed by the participants. We can see  their  political leaning in their views. Kumar Ketkar,  Vinod Mehata, Vinod Sharma speak like Congress spokespersons. They are suppose to offer their unbiased, independent views. But sound like Congressmen speaking.

We have also heard, many journalists, media houses work for political parties on payments for publicity campaigns targeting and tarnishing the image of Narendra Modi  24 X 7, 

Who do we believe? Which channel can we trust for the News, views and Reviews?

It is difficult to separate a good cop and the bad cop for us. Because we see both in the same uniform to add to our confusion. But surely there is one good cop and one bad cop. All are not bad. Like all politicians are not bad but unfortunately most are. 

I am delighted to share speeches by two, Apolitical personalities who presented their views on the present political situation and government in power so correctly without mincing the words and without being politically correct. Watch these two videos.

The two guest speakers  S. Gurumurthy, the eminent Chartered Accountant and Kanchan Gupta, Editorial Director NiTi Digital. spoke at the Book release authored By Shri M.R. Venkatesh, titled  Dr Manmohan Singh " A Decade of Decay"

Dr Subramanian Swamy was a special guest at the function invited for the book release. But  to make it apolitical, I am only sharing the views of non political persons here.  

These two intellectuals presented the politics of India so candidly in 12 mnts to their audience present there, that there was no question of any confusion.

I would like you to listen to these two individuals who explain the politics of India in a simple yet in a convincing way.  And the best part I liked was their thinking approach in the speech. They both expressed their views in a balanced ways without making it a political agenda but delivering the message home, loudly and clearly..

Listen to them and then feel free to air your views at the end.

Speech By Shri Kanchan Gupta, Editorial Director NiTi Digital

Speech By Shri S. Gurumurthy, Writer Economic Affairs

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.


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