Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jairam Ramesh and his foolish logic

Has Jairam Ramesh lost his sense of rational and logic?

I can understand an ordinary person with hardly any education indulging in a  loose talk while gossiping  at "Paan-Bidi Shop" with friends at the corner. 

A Union rank minister making such irrational comments about Narendra Modi or even Rahul Gandhi only exposes his deficit in academic thinking. Even the common sense should guide some logic in making some comments which are utterly foolish and  the Union rank Minister doesn't seem to have applied his common sense in the logic he is trying to present.

What is this logic? If Narendra Modi loses in 2014, he will be history? 

And Rahul Gandhi even if Congress gets defeated in 2014 will still be around? Does this make any sense, especially coming from a senior Congress Union minister?

In a way he is right. Because what else Rahul Gandhi can do?

With his family name that gives him all the power and perks with many like Jairam Ramesh, Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sebal, Sushilkumar Shinde, Rajeev Shukla, Ajay Maken, all around him to serve his ego, why will he and his family be not around for next 100 years? Is anyone so foolish to give up what is there to enjoy without any moral or official responsibility?

Who says there is no free lunch  in the world? Here it is, not just free lunch but free breakfast, Lunch and dinner too with free stay?

Where as Mr Narendra Modi is still on the responsible job as Chief Minister of his state Gujarat where people of Gujarat have given their mandate three times to administer the affairs of Gujarat. What does Rahul Gandhi have to go back to ? The free power that comes with his family name to enjoy without any responsibility and the constant worshiping by people like Jairam Ramesh and Digvijay Singh who make such hollow characters look important without any substance.

Yes he has every reason to be there for the rest of his life. Why not?

In this election campaigning, one thing that emerged prominently is... all of senior Congressmen including the Prime Minister are worshipers and sycophants of one family. In a democracy like ours this trend can not be promoted, supported and appreciated simply because it can not promote healthy democracy. It is NO good for the nation and this submissive, sub servant style of thinking, and working finally leads to autocratic rule and a threat to Democracy.

Our Freedom fighters  haven't fought for independence of India to worship Rulers.

Look at the way.. senior Congressmen in the media react. Janardan Dwevedi: Do not dare to call Shehezada. we can stop it in two days? ( Clear threat)  Digvijay Sing: RSS operates like Taleban? Modi`s place is in the jail? He is like Hitler and murderer? ( He is procecutor and judge too) Gulamm Nabi Azad: Modi is a Gangu Teli? (on Modi`s Teli cast ? The castiest remark on the community ) Raj Babbar ; Modi is not even fit to be Chowkidaar?  ( He forgot Modi is a CM and he is nobody in Congress) Jairam Ramesh: Modi is like a FROG?  Some Congressmen called him: Bhasmaasoor? Yumraaj?

Are these politicians
matured or enjoy positions because of their worshiping?

These remarks are publicly made by Senior most Congressmen in front of TV cameras.  And the most honest, simple, soft spoken gentleman called Dr Manmohan Singh approves his senior ministers unparlimentary, slum language used for one elected head of the state?  Can Dr Manmohan Singh be called honest? Is he also not a part of these worshipers when he says... I am ready to work under Rahulbaba ?

What is it? Not worshiping and sycophancy?

Do we need worshipers, sycophants who promote dynastic rule? The old Raja Maharaja culture? The princely states where you have heard of court jesters entertaining kings, queens and prince and princes in their Durbars? Are we going back to "Jee Sarkar" "Jee Raje"  "Jee Yuvraaj"  " Aap ka Hukum, aap ki marji ...culture ?

We are the biggest Democracy in the world.

Are we still having the same old mindset of Jee Hujur?  What kind od slavery is this ? Get out of this slavery, please. Those who can not like Jairam Ramesh, Digvijay Singh and Dr Manmohan Singh, they should not have a place in our democratic system.

For heaven`s sake, Stop messing around with the Democracy in this country.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher