Saturday, December 21, 2013

5th Prime ministerial candidate of Third Front?

 Jaylalitha stakes the claim for PM?

The news in the media about Jaylalitha staking a claim as next Prime Ministerial candidate in 2014 is the 5th PM candidate third front will have. This must have come as a jolt for Mulayum Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Mamta and of course Sharad Pawar.
All of then are already in Q.  There is one more. Jaylalitha addition.

This experiment India has tried before and it was proved a disaster then. As and when third front will be formed, many regional leaders who are ambitious are already in the Q.  They come together only when Loksabha elections are scheduled. All these leaders first start talking of Secular ideology to hook others. Because on their own, they are zero. Their election pitch is... BJP and Congress have failed in providing efficient governance in the center and third front is the only political option people should consider. against  two national parties..

They are very much like frogs coming out in monsoon season otherwise they are not seen anywhere on the planet.

Mulayum Singh,  we have heard in the the parliament recently 

when he expressed his views on Lokpal Bill. If that is what he thinks of  Lokpal  against corruption, it is very clear that these leaders from SP want to enjoy the loot of this country while in power and do not want any Laws to catch the criminals looting this country. 

That is how His party has ministers with  criminal charges sitting in the assembly. There is a mafia raj in the state where an honest IAS officer like Durga Shakti can not work honestly and is shamelessly punished for doing her job as per the Supreme court directives, and the rule book. 

Look at this joke...SP`s  one of the very powerful ministers Azam Khan is offering election ticket to Devyani Khobragade, Indian Diplomat in US facing serious accusation of violation of immigration law. And on the other hand, same Azam Khan is  victimizing the honest IAS officer Durga Shakti with his Mughal Raj in UP? What an hypocrisy?

In reality, over a long period, criminalization of politics has created small kingdoms in our country in every state. 

These are small Rulers ruling over their subjects in the pseudo democracy. Look at everywhere, in every state. Mulayum Singh Yadav has his own Kingdom and so has Laloo Prasad. UP and Bihar does not seem to believe in Laws? And that is why Mulayum Singh is of an opinion that Lokpal will only make politicians life miserable and will not let them work freely? 

May be he is right in his assessment of Lokpal Bill. 

What he actually means is....this Lokpal will not allow politicians to loot this country as they have been looting for many years. 

I would have appreciated a politician who is dreaming to become next Prime minister of India had offered some positive inputs to fight against corruption. Instead, he is giving clean chit to all politicians, Bureaucrats,  This PM in the Q from Third Front does not believe in laws that can help to catch the criminals?

And he wants to become the Prime Minister of this country who has nothing better to offer on the fight against corruption? Imagine what will happen if he becomes PM of this country?

There will be jungle raj everywhere because all criminals will join his party.

Jaylalitha too has shoddy records while in power.

The question needs to be asked to all these PM candidates in the Q ... 

What is their real contribution towards developments and  progress wherever they all are in the governance? 

Bihar and Utter Pradesh has a bad track record of governance and corrupt practices. What is so great about Jaylalitha as far as achievements in her own state ? Is there anything outstanding in terms of achievement in her own state?  Are these states on the path of super development under their rule that people feel strongly about ? 

All regional parties have shown pathetic progress and poor governance in their own states.. Many are involved in deep corruption and scandals and have proved self serving politicians. They have done good for themselves, their families and friends but not for the people of the state for years.

These are all self serving politicians wanting to enjoy powers for themselves.

The corrupt and self serving political class are all working only to stay in power and enjoy it for their political existence. The honest political class is worst because, they keep quiet and allow other dishonest to loot the country. 

None of these including the honest ones have ever in the last 67 years worked  on electoral reforms. They all come together when they want increase in their perks. They come together when their own existence is threatened? Like an ordinance to protect criminals sitting in the parliament or assemblies? 

But on improvements in electoral process, corruption, deficit in governance, they don't talk.

Lokpal is not their Gift as Congress is trying to make out and give credit to Rahul Gandhi?  This Lokpal also is not that powerful with stronger teeth is a reality.

This is where they get exposed in their dishonesty. After 40-45 years, Anna Hazare had to come on the street to fight against corruption in governance, administration and bureaucracy. it was a civil movement led by Anna that shook the political class and what happened? Civil society was questioned by parliamentarians if you all remember?  

Who are these 5 people to question law makers?  Asked Kapil Sebal, Chidamabaram, Manish Tiwari and many others.

Who is Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi? Can 5 people from the street question parliamentarians who are elected by people? Who are these people demanding law against corruption? 

These were the reactions of Laloo Prasad, Mulayum Singh Yadav and many politicians.

And these are the same arrogant politicians want to become Prime Ministers?

This is a fact that the public pressure, Anna movement with millions on the street , humiliating Congress defeat in the recent elections shocked the arrogant political class and the public anger was seen everywhere. 

Congress quickly realized they are on the quick sand and changed the position. 

The same Congress used CBI, Income Tax against Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and had questioned their characters. Congress tried all tricks to tame Anna but humiliating defeat in Delhi elections by Congress cut them all to their sizes. All the arrogance disappeared and their feet were on the ground. The political egos got punctured when people of all states retaliated saying... Don't take us for granted.

All these regional parties are trying to take a ride on public sentiments against Congress and thinking this is the right time to form third political alternative. 

Jaylalitha, Mulayum Singh or Mamta are trying to get all on board to fight elections against BJP and Congress. 

But that will only split the votes and we will have hung parliament again. 

Then buying of MPs in 10 crores, 20 croes, 30 crores will start. Black money will flow., Criminals will get active.

All fake secular and corrupt forces like Congress, JDU, SP, BSP, RJD, NCP will again get together and say, just to keep  fascist and communal forces out of power,.we are supporting Congress from outside. They will all try to form government on one  point agenda.... to save this country from communal forces and will start playing communal politics again..

In less than 6 months... this ill conceived  coalition government will collapse with its own differences. We will face elections again. 

The country will suffer a setback. And outside powers will take the advantage to destabilize India. 

India can not afford to get into mess any more.  Third front is worst medicine for the cure and we should never go for that option.

There are external and internal forces who are working to weaken Indian economy, Our national security and integrity is already under threat by terrorists from within and outside., It is possible that the external forces are pumping funds in India to destabilize India. 

Weaker government in the center has given wrong message to Pakistan and China. These both the countries are systematically working against Indian interests in the subcontinent. 

We must not allow any experiments by the regional forces to form any third front in the larger interest of our country.

We can not afford to weaken our position nor we can afford to have weak leadership at the center. In 2014, We got to empower government in the center with strong visionary leadership with full majority.

We must support Narendra Modi to lead our country with majority if we want to save this country from looters, traitors and anti national elements.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.