Monday, December 16, 2013

Rahul Gandhi joins Aam Admi Party

Rahul Gandhi adopts Manifesto of Aam Admi Party?

Finally Congress that was not willing to recognize Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Admi Party, before Delhi election results, have adopted the political agenda of Aam Admi Party? 
Their arrogance before election results had touched the peak when CM Sheela Dixit kept telling media, Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Admi party I don't take seriously because, our 15 years of work done in Delhi speaks for itself. When she was invited for debate with Arvind Kejriwal, she retorted by saying, why should I have a debate with Arvind Kejriwal because we do not even consider him and his party as a serious challenger in this election?

AAP is  just fooling people of Delhi selling fake dreams, but Delhi people are not fools to get carried away with their promises. - Congress.

These were some of the statements made by some Congressmen. Salman Khurshid had used abusive language calling Aam Admi Party by names which was completely derogatory and un-parlimentary. But the arrogant Congress was putting up a fake front with their progress card.. Congressmen like Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari, Ahmed Patel and Shaqeel Ahemed like most loyalists to family were busy selling their own fake dreams all the time.

What happened finally to Congress arrogance? Congress suffered humiliating Defeat? Who is responsible for this defeat? Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. But does any Congressman has courage to say this? No. Because they are all sycophants around them and in Congress to serve their own interests. 

Who is Arvind Kejriwal ? What is Narendra Modi? Many were asking from Congress and its allied partners. They are only bubbles and soon will burst? Were their comments. Now after the election results, their humiliating defeat has forced them to keep shut in the popular media.They are all hiding from the media cameras and reporters.   

Lalu Prasad and like were so arrogant in their remarks that anyone from civil society standing against these RULERS like Mughal Saltanet are anti Ruling class and should be thrown in the jails. The logic? We are parliamentarians, the law makers of this country. Who are these street people questioning our functioning? Who is Anna Hazare? Arvind Kejriwal? Kiran Bedi or Prashat Bhushan?

People have elected us and for five years. Was their arrogance.

These five people can not ask us anything even if we loot this country. Fortunately judiciary is in its own wisdom answered Laloo Prasad for his loot in foder scam and sent him to jail. But the shameless politicians will not leave politics even after their conviction and imprisonment.. Because most of them are sharing the national loot. If not all.

Today, 150 years of Congress legacy Congress  boast about to people of India is following the manifesto of one year old Aam Admi Party.?  Doesn't that exposes Congress? It is not just leaderless it is rudderless too.

Is this another bait thrown at voters? Another strategy to fool people? 

If there was any shred of honesty, in what Rahul Gandhi is saying today about Lokpal Bill, in 2011, was Congress and its alliance partners playing a dishonest game with Anna Hazare and civil society?  If only Congress and its political partners were honest, the bill would have gone through in 2011? 

Rahul Gandhi and his media managers like Ajay Maken are changing their positions and suddenly presenting themselves  in a New AVTAR to fool people again after their humiliating defeat in recent elections. 

Rahul Gandhi is enlightened suddenly by Aam Admi Party thinking and says, we need to learn from Aam Admi Party?  We need to learn? Or You need to learn if you are aspiring to become a leader of this country?

Why this sudden change in the position when Rahul Gandhi was telling the nation, he is leading his party with his vision and leadership? 

And everyone around him were selling him as Prime Ministerial material ? Was that overselling of Rahul Gandhi even by Dr Manmohan Singh?

What happened suddenly that after the boastful leadership he is changing his thinking? Was the ACT before the elections,  a FAKE ACT? 

Is it after the humiliating election result with hardly 8 Congress members getting elected ? And the CM Shiela Dixit lost by 25000 votes in her own constituency by Arvind Kejriwal, that the  realization of something gone terribly wrong? 

When leaders do not have ears to ground, do not understand the mood of the public, do not sense which way the wind is blowing, they are simply not the leaders and they should not lead others and political parties. And we are talking of leading a nation like India today. It is certainly not a job of a novice or one who is looking to learn on the job? 

It is the future of the country at stake and only a visionary leader with political experience can lead  a country like India with its diversity and complex issues. It surely is not a job of anybody.

Rahul Gandhi is promoted by sycophants around the Gandhi family who are enjoying powers at their expenses.  None of the people around this family are honest and the family depends on these sycophant`s feed back and advise..And often, it is the ill advise given  by few sycophants around them who are self serving politicians and they are in politics only to serve their personal interests. That is how some of them have amassed wealth by corrupt means.

That is how parliament has become a Millionaires club today. 

If Rahul Gandhi is serious about following Aam Admi Manifesto, the obvious questions are asked. Why after the defeat this sudden wisdom ? 

There is a great disconnect between Aam Admi and Congress leaders that Congress keeps talking about.  It is the Aam Admi, that is the common person on the street who knows how difficult it is to live life with a family with prices going high. Take food items, education, electricity, health and medicines, travel, housing, everything is gone so high that people like Rahul Gandhi and many politicians who have made millions while in power can not imagine with their incomes in billions of dollars. 

Over a long period of times, the congress Mughal Raj is thinking they are the Rulers and can Rule as long as they want. But suddenly when they are dethrone, by common man on the street like Arvind Kejriwal, they are in state of shock. 

The message is simple... Do Not take Aam Admi for granted. Aam Admi that is a every citizen of this country is a Master and you are in the system only to serve the people. Not to Rule over people. 

The Congress Arrogance is completely demolished.and now politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Manish Tiwari, Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sebal, P. Chidamabaram have their feet on the ground and have realized they can be out of this game soon if they don't give up their street smart salesmanship to people.

The communal politics, calling Narendra Modi Hitler and fascist, RSS communal and assassination of  Mahatma Gandhi by RSS, Hang Narendra Modi for 2002 Gujarat Riots, Gujarat Snoop gate by their paid media channels... every ill conceived allegation failed and the humiliating defeat in recent elections exposed Congress that kept claiming, we are the only party which works for the poor people of India.

Poor people of India cant be fooled  every time is a lesson to learn for Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and all Congressmen including Dr Manmohan Singh who had doned a FAKE AVTAR before elections.

Now with these results, why Aam Admi should not have doubts about Rahul Gandhi`s political competence and caliber who wish to become Prime Minister of this country only with one qualification... Gandhi, Coming from Nehru Gandhi family?

Does it have any selling value today with the electorate? None. These election results proved it.

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher

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