Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mani Shankar and Anil Shastri worried about Congress Future!

It is time for Action and Not Introspection.
It is too late Now says...
Mani Shankar Aiyer and Anil Shastri 

Mani Shankar Aiyer, and  Anil Shastri are braving to talk in the media about why Congress got defeated in the recent elections. Mani Shankar Aiyer says bitterly to Congress leadership, that  it is too late now to do any introspection, the time is gone you have missed the bus? 
According to him, Congress in 2014 should sit in the opposition and once again spend its energy to re-build the organization which is completely decimated in recent elections.
Anil Shastri, Congress MP says, poor and pathetic performace by Congress in recent elections only says our thinking is not on the right track and needs a change that will appeal to common people if we call ourselves a party for Aam Admi.  
But why now after the defeat? Why these Congressmen could not express their views openly to their leaders before? 
Were they not heard? Were they Ignored? Or they chose to keep quiet and watch as spectators? After the defeat, they have decided to speak  to media and express their displeasure on the way their party affairs are conducted.
This shows how Congress party is run by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. 
They don't even listen to their own people in the party who are seniors like Mani shankar and Anil Shastri. Then  It is not surprising that Congress never listened to the people of this country. They were living in their own dream world and thought, Aam Admi and BJP can not ever bring them down from the power. This was their arrogance.
Some from Congress knew that Congress was heading for the defeat but nobody was listening to them. The arrogance by Congress had reached the height and the sycophancy in Congress around the family kept painting rosy picture to their masters with their ill advise.
What is the real story behind these senior Congressmen reacting so bitterly after their Congress party suffering humiliating defeat?

The fact is, even seniors in Congress have no courage to speak against what is going wrong in their own party. They just cant speak openly about anything that is done wrongly or anything that is planned wrongly just because there is no inner democracy in the Congress party. Congress still follows Raja Maharaja culture which is like  feudal mindset with one "Mukhiya",as the head and all others, loyal servants. Their job is to follow orders and not ask questions.
They have High command culture. The orders come only from high command that is from Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. This is a similar situation when Indira Gandhi was PM and Sanjay Gandhi along with his sycophants used to enjoy powers. Others were simply given orders to follow.
The result of this One Family Rule has created sycophancy culture in Congress and most Congressmen close to Gandhis like Digvijay Singh or Ajay Maken and Shqeel Ahmed, Ahmed Patel or Janardan Dwevedi are some who follow this culture to their own political advantage. They have nothing much to offer in terms of political direction, advice for improving state of affairs of the party. 
They are close to power center and running the government without any accountability.

Many like Anil Shastri and Mani Shankar work with Congress as silent spectators. But no one has the courage to question the leadership nor stand-up and say, we do not agree with your political perspective. Or we need to change our thinking for positive results. But unfortunately after the defeat, these people get the courage and start speaking? 
The reason is , their voice inside the party is not heard and often ignored. 
But then why do they tag themselves with the wrong people? Who is forcing these people to stick to political party which does not work on principles they believe in?
I consider this nothing but political slavery these politicians suffer from. 
Their  political convictions and values at times they sacrifice because they don't take principle stand against their leaders doing wrong and stay either neutral and silent. What is the point in talking in public about your party failures if you cant do anything to change?

How does that help their political party and this country?

In congress party, on one side there are sycophants and the other side, these silent spectators. like Mani Shankar and many others. Congress leadership is on the Ego tour thinking there is no one in Congress who can challenge them. Yes, that is a fact too. No one in the Congress party can challenge the leadership. May be India does not produce leaders like Sardar Valabhbhai Patel or Yaswant Rao Chauhan?

The Dynasty politics therefore is encouraged by self serving politicians in Congress and even after humiliating defeat, Congress is pushing Rahul Gandhi, for PM candidate is the latest Breaking News? 

What will you call that? Dynastic politics? Sycophancy at work?

Who can save Congress? Not the sycophants like Digvijay Singh and Shaqeel Ahmed nor Mani Shanskar Aiyer and Anil Shastri who choose to keep quiet.

For Congress... Time is Up!  Their game is over ! Like thay say, Bad product can be sold once, it cant be sold again to the same customer.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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