Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Laloo out of Jail, targeting Modi

Laloo, convicted for corruption, jailed for 5 years 
is out on bail and says 
all secular parties should come together against Modi.

What an arrogance by a criminal and
a corrupt politician?

He doesnt know how much is changed 
while he was in Jail.

Laloo Prasad like convicted politicians who have been used to playing communal politics and fooling people should not have place in Indian politics. This corrupt politician who runs a political party called RJD is an alliance partner with Congress. 

There common program is Vote Bank Politics. 

They keep selling themselves as Secular to Muslim  population for votes but even Muslims in the recent elections have rejected their fake secular prapoganda on communal lines and Congress was in for a shock.

Congress party is still recovering from the electoral defeat from recent elections and have realized their election campaign on the lines of fake Secular identity has not worked and backfired in all the states. People have rejected their claims including minorities.

Laloo is still living in his old world when he could fool his electorate on Secular claims.

He doesn't know, India is changing and people are not interested in Secular Vs communal politics. But politicians like Laloo Prasad are so shameless that they can not live without Vote Bank Politics. Congress, JDU, RJD have been playing communal politics and fooling people of India from minority communities, economically backward classes, illiterate and uneducated.

These are their vote banks.

For years this fooling is going on by these political parties only to secure their vote banks.But in reality Congress and politicians like Laloo Prasad have not done anything for backward class, minority communities or the poor of this country. 

67 years have passed after independence and about 60 years Congress governments have enjoyed powers in most states. But development or progress is Zero after so many years. We are still struggling for water, electricity, Hospitals, Schools, Roads. Laloo Prasad was Chief Minister of Bihar for 15 long years but Bihar has not seen any development in any sector. 

Laloo Prasad they say was the most corrupt Chief Minister and government of Bihar during his Rule was like his family business, a Private Limited Company .Laloo made his wife too CM of Bihar when he became Union Minister in the central cabinet.

Politics some of our politicians have made a personal business and established their Kingdoms in their regions from where they RULE. Laloo Prasad is one politician who too indulges in politics of convenience and vote banks. 

He is another self serving, self centered politician who thinks Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal like civil society members have no rights to question the parliment.Narendra modi is Hitler and fascist and BJP is RSS and they are all trying to divide this country with their politics.

This pitch we have heard from Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for very long and people of this country have given their reaction in the recent polls when Congress suffered humiliating defeat and their arrogance was taught a lesson. Laloo should learn from their lesson and stop talking of Secular and communal politics. India has moved forward. His old brand of politics will be digging his own grave and may be if Congress follows the same communal agenda against Narendra Modi, we will be witnessing a political suicide together.

Laloo from the time he is convicted and sent to jail has lost all the credibility in the public and should not take people for granted.

Only if he understands, people are not fools anymore, and Secular communal politics  is like a political abuse electorate thinks, he may be a changed politician. But the chances are, he will play his communal politics and dig his own grave. 

Our experience is... Politicians Don't Change! 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher