Sunday, March 9, 2014

Are there Moles in this government?

MOLE in this Congress government ?

That passed on the vital information 
during 26/11 terror attack?

Adrian Levy, award-winning journalist, filmmaker and the author of The Siege, a book on the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai, said there was a mole in the government who passed on the information to the terrorists
Levy said, "National security has to be the top priority of the country. It has to be made a political issue as India goes to polls."

It is a very serious issue if reports appeared recently in the media saying ISI moles have entered into our sensitive defense and intelligence institutions, and taken lightly by this Congress government? This Congress government with their politics on communal lines for vote bank politics have always tried to give "Terror" a communal color in public space.

When a senior Congress minister Mr Antuley openly and irresponsibly says on 26/11 terror attack, Hindu Terror involvement must be probed ? And his logic ? Senior ATS officer Hemant Karkare is killed who was investigating terror attacks by Hindu fundamentalists? And he is possible it was planned to eliminate those who were probing Saffron terror?

Then the former Home Minister P. Chidamambaram talks in public forum about Saffron terror? Then present Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde repeats the Saffron terror story ?

And then Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on such a serious national security issue says to foreign delegates...More than Islamic terror across the borders, we are more worried about Saffron terror from within the country ??

These irresponsible utterances by Congressmen have given clean chit to Pakistan, ISI role and an ammunition to throw back all charges against Pakistan`s ISI and LeT involvement in 26/11 war against India.

When there is tons of evidence with our intelligence proving clearly, involvement of these state operators from Pakistan.

It is this Congress ruled Government at the center led by Sonia Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh who have with their communal politics endangered national security of India.

Their senior Ministers like Digvijay Singh are on records by raising finger at RSS, Bajarang Dal or Vishva Hindu Parishad every time terror strikes in India, killing innocent people

Even the Foreign Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid talks loosely in the media to pass the blame to RSS or Vishva Hindu Parishad?

How come some politicians like Digvijay Singh keep claiming Batla house encounter was Fake when our senior most, decorated Police officer for his bravery to take on terrorists head on was killed by the terrorists? And Congress Ministers keep saying terrorists killed were innocents in police encounter, when the courts of this country call them terrorists ?

How is it that Salman Khurshid tells this nation when Sonia Gandhi was shown the photos, she cried for innocents getting killed? What kind of communal politics is being played by Congress?

When our brave officer Mohan Sharma got killed by terrorists at Batla House encounter, nobody from Congress cried but said, it was a fake encounter when the court verdict clearly pronounced, it was not a fake encounter and then Home minister P. Chidamambaram officially confirmed it was not

When our soldiers are beheaded on the borders by ISI, Hafeez Saeed brigade, Congress President does not cry ?

When last week our two youngsters in their 20s from Navy on duty got killed in a submarine accident, and again just yesterday another 3 young Navy officers got killed because of Ministry of Defense irresponsible working on the lack of maintenance, not providing immediate financial aid in maintenance of defense equipments, nobody cried ?

Nobody is accountable and answerable?

Till today not a single so called Hindu fundamentalist accused and languishing in the jails for years, for their alleged involvements in the bomb blasts are tried and convicted by courts because till today in many cases, FIRs are not registered? Leave their judicial trials.

What does Home Minister of the State and Center of Congress have to explain on this cases? And delayed probes not taken to its logical conclusion?

Is it all politically motivated ? How the delays can be justified? Why the charge sheets are not filed yet? Will the alleged accused spend their lives in jail? 

Where are Human Rights Activists? Why are they not taking up these human rights Violations? Are they busy on Gujarat 2002 riots? Are they getting paid by somebody only to target Narendra Modi? Or in these NGOs too there are ISI moles working??   
Why is this happening? Who is responsible for this politics on national security of this country? When this country is facing continuous terror threats from within and outside. who is playing communal politics? BJP or Congress?

Yes...these are all very serious question those need to be answered  now...

Is somebody working in the government, bureaucracy, political class for ISI, Pakistan ? Is this Congress government not concerned about national security of this country and possible agents working for ISI of Pakistan from inside the syatem?
Why IM activities inside country are not under intelligence scanner and why are they getting space to operate from Indian soil to support terrorists activities in India ?

Not just this, CBI is today accusing Director of Intelligence Bureau ,
of serious charges. The alleged charges by CBI Director are,  his direct involvement in Fake Encounters in Isharat Jahan case? 

And what is the role of  IB ? This intelligence organization investigates external and internal terror attacks and terrorists involvements. IB keeps tab on their suspicious activities and investigate.
If this government is not concerned about serious conflicts between two top intelligence agencies, is this Congress government deliberately demoralizing, and weakening these institutions ? And if then, this serious question is posed to the Prime Minister... what is happening? Who in the government working against national security?

Or more specifically...Are their moles in your government? Will that be stretching your imagination too far?

If Adrian Levy, award-winning journalist, filmmaker and the author of The Siege, a book on the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai, said there was a mole in the government who passed on the information to the terrorists.

Shouldn't it be taken seriously to WIN the WAR against Terrorism?

Who is thinking seriously about these national security threats?

Not the Prime Minister, Not his defense Minister, not his Home Minister, Not Rahul and Sonia Gandhi? Not this Congress Government.

The common people on the street, in buses, trains, at stations, malls, are getting killed and Congress is busy playing its communal politics ? At whose costs?

Does this Congress government have any right to govern? Now or in the future?

Yes, the people of this country want to is a relevant question today... Are there moles in our political system? In our governance?

It is our county India and its future we are talking about. And soon we are going to decide about it in 2014. Don't be a spectator.

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Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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