Saturday, May 3, 2014

Is Sharad Pawar still Dreaming to become PM?

Modi is Dreaming to become Hitler.... 

 Says Sharad Pawar
People Don't Dream of becoming Hitler. But Yes, People DO keep dreaming to become Prime Minister even when they are in 70s, 80s

And I wonder is this not insulting the electorate of Gujarat? Who elected Narendra Modi Four times as their leader? Did they vote for Hitler?

Why don't these politicians debate on India`s issues? 

In 21st century, In 2014, the young voter they are still  not listening to what the young gen wants from their elected government. They keep talking 24 X 7 only about Narendra Modi, but not about what they did themselves in last 60 years for this country?

Imagine, We in Mumbai city and its suburbs still do not have 24 X 7 365 days power and water. We pay road taxes but roads are bad. Safety of women is pathetic in Mubai and Delhi cities, and there is always a threat of terror attack. Our police are not well equipped nor sensitive to common people.

So what are these politicians talking about? Insulting the intelligence of common people?

We certainly need to have electoral reforms on top priority with AGE Bar. Politicians after certain age must not be allowed to stand for elections. There also must be a limit on how many terms you can stay in politics. Maximum it should be two terms allowed.

Those who are over aged politicians, who refuse to move ahead with time. Who do not understand new Young voter mindset. Who do not understand 21st century challenges. And who are self serving politicians, have no business to be in governance and they should make space for youngsters to take over.

They keep playing their old communal politics thinking voters can be easily fooled by saying, so and so is dreaming to become Hitler... so Don't vote for him? 

What a pathetic approach. Why don't they talk of issues that impact the lives of common people? 

Who is interested in your communal politics? If Narendra Modi is communal minded, divisive, fascist, voters are intelligent to understand who is who? They will vote him out. Your talking about Modi 24 X 7 means, you are diverting from the main issues of governance and development. Since you have failed to deliver when you were in government, and you do not have anything to talk about your own performance, you all are talking about Modi.

How do you think you can convince your young voter to vote for you so dishonestly and expect their support?
You are exposing your political dishonesty yourself. Do not expect young voters to vote for you. They are all smart and cant be easily fooled.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher