Sunday, May 4, 2014

AAP Politics over great Martyrs of our Nation.

We all have a great respect 
for all the martyrs of our nation and 
of course their parents too.

However, Mother of martyr Vikram Batra has joined Aam Aadmi Party and is being used by them to target Naredra Modi. We're sure Vikram's mother would never have joined AAP had she known the following facts:

1) Soldiers fight for protecting our democracy. AAP's North East Mumbai candidate Medha Patekar opposed Hanging of India hater terrorist Afzal Guru.

2) Soldiers martyr themselves protecting us from terrorists. Medha Patekar of AAP demanded mercy for Terrorist Kasab who killed more than 200 innocents.

3) Soldiers martyr themselves for safeguarding our national integrity and for keeping Kashmir an Integral part of India.
AAP Sri Nagar LS candidate Raja mujaffar bhat, a separatist himself, protested hanging of terrorist Afzal Guru.

4) AAP founder Prashant Bhusan says Kashmir can be removed from India -

5) Soldiers martyr themselves to protect us from external aggressions and interventions in our internal affairs. Arvind Kejriwal is getting fund from Saudi Countries, CIA's ford foundation and other undisclosed sources.

6) She wants a corruption free India while AAP is receiving funds from Congress MP Naveen Jindal to sponsor AAP paid volunteers (yes, an oxymoron).

7) Saudi Arab and Pro Jihadi websites like millegazzate, Arab news, Al Jazeera etc are asking people to vote for AAP & Congress and defeat modi. Is that not the same forces our soldiers protect us from all their lives ?

We're sure that had she known even one of the aforementioned facts, she'd gladly stay away from anti-nationals called Aam Aadmi Party. 

Because anyone supporting AAP is disrespecting our brave soldiers.