Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why Kashmiri Pandits had to Flee Kashmir over night?

Kashmiri Pandits Speak Their Story To
Ravish Kumar of NDTV in Hum Log

Listen to their Story
And you will know why they had to leave their mother land... Kashmir

I really liked the way Ravish Kumar conducted this program with sincerity and professional integrity without giving this story a political color. I have admired Ravish Kumar as a journalist of exceptional talent because he has a very different style of dealing with investigative reporting when he allows real story to unfold, to surface without trying to add something of his own in the story to make it politically sensitive and sensational. 

What I liked about this program anchored by Ravish Kumar is... he was very clear about his objectives of conducting this program to find out from Kashmiri Pandits themselves what exactly happened, why they were forced to leave their mother land? and what were the circustances those forced tthem to quit Kashmir? 

With this clear objectives, he decided not to invite, any politician, any member of NGOs, any member of Human Rights organization, or any political analyst and journalists to get their views. He decided to invite only and only Kashmiri Pandits who are a direct victims of the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir. And unlike few extra smart anchors seen on the TV channels who do not let participants talk and explain their point of view, Ravish Kumar talks less likes to listen to people from whom he expects to discover an "Untold Story". I must say, he is very good at  investigative reporting without any bias. 

Kashmiri Pandits were forcibly driven out of their own mother land and it is a story of ethnic cleansing that is till today pushed under the carpet by Congress from 1947. The reasons Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave Kashmir were many, but mainly it was because of local politics, separatists activities, their open ultimatums, and Congress`s  communal politics which all resulted into the victimization of Kashmiri Pandits. 

They were literally forced to run for their lives over night when they were threatened openly to leave Kashmir and told them to leave their women folks behind. This was the time, Shaikh Abdullah government was a mute spectator and allowed separatists and terrorists  to kill Kashmiri Pandits who defied the threats. 

These Kashmiri Pandits persecuted for years in Kashmir are today living in Delhi without any amenities in Refugee camps, much like slums. Congress has never ever tried to re-settle them back in their homeland in Kashmir where they belong to. The fact is, Congress communal politics is responsible for this tragedy of Kashmiri Pandits and at the bottom of this story, it is Shaikh Abdullah and his government in J&K  involved in supporting separatists activities,

From this video presentation, you get to know when Kashmiri Pandits are one by one revealing their stories of sufferings,.human loses, killings of innocents and their fearto go back.

Watch this wonderfully documented story told by the Kashmiri Pandits themselves.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Hum Log is a program published By NDTV. This was on What happened exactly in Kashmir.

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