Monday, May 5, 2014

The Truth about Development in Amethi.

This is the state of Amethi.
Which voted for Gandhi family for last 40 years.
Watch this video to find out
what progress and development Gandhi family 
did in Amethi.

The Truth is shocking.

People of Amethi in good faith, believing Gandhis will do good for Amethi, its progress and development. and voted again and again with this hope only, Gandhi family will address their problems. 

But Gandhi family betrayed their confidence. Why will they not feel cheated?

They kept asking for votes once in Five years during national election time...Only on false promises. This family appears on Amethi skyline only once in five years. They are not seen after that in their constituency. 

Where is the development you see in Amethi when Rahul Gandhi has been representing Amethi for the last decade?

He is Vice President and Sonia Gandhi President of Congress.. He enjoyed supreme powers to even tear apart Resolution passed by the cabinet ministry led by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. His well choreographed Act in the press meet was watched by the nation..He likes to take high moral ground on many occasions. But never seriously practices what he claims to be.  

He could use his close proximity to supreme power and calls the resolution a piece of Nonsense, worth nothing and remarked..., it must be thrown into dustbin? 
After so much of powers what did he really do for his Amethi that Priyanka Vadra and Rahul keeps claiming their family legacy? 

Watch this video and you will realize, how this family has been fooling Amethi´s poor people on emotional grounds to vote him back in power. They are not only fooling people of Amethi but even fooling India with their claims on fake development.  And how are they proving their merits, capabilities in governance is by running down Modi Model of Development? And not by presenting their own model of Development?

They keep talking against Gujarat development model... what good has he proved in his own model of development in Amethi ? 

Is there any model of development he has presented in Amethi ?  

Looking at this video, one can see, how they are diverting the focus from their own model which this video exposes completely. ,

The fact is, these people are total frauds and they happen to be in politics only by virtue of Nehru Gandhi so called legacy. If Rahul Gandhi could not do any development for his own constituency, for his own people of Amethi... on what basis is he and Priyanka Vadra or Sonia Gandhi are trying to convince voters of India,that  they are any good for India and it´s development? What is their rationale and reasoning for voters to take them seriously?

And the bigger question today long are they going to keep fooling poor, innocent, ordinary people of India on this Nehru Gandhi qualification?
This video EXPOSES Gandhi family by presenting the truth about their ZERO contribution in Amethi in last 40 years.

Why should Amethi VOTE for Rahul Gandhi? For making false promises? For taking poor of India for a ride? Why? 

Hope... on May 16th of this month... this political game gets over.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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