Sunday, May 4, 2014

Who is supporting Separatists to disintegrate India?

How will India fight Terrorism 
when politics of Congress and its alliance partners like JDU, BSP, SP, NCP and now AAP are supporting separatists bleeding India?

Today we meet Dr. Binayak Sen. A much 'respected' name in the maoist circles.

Sen  was convicted  and sentenced to life imprisonment by a Chhattisgarh trial court for sedition, helping Maoist insurgents and waging a war against the nation. 

HC denied him bail and upheld the conviction.

However he was later granted bail by the SC as the evidence produced was inconclusive and there were no witnesses.

Sen is now a part of Police reform committee in Aam Aadmi Party. Why ?

So that our security forces, protecting our lives and property, can be legally killed by these Maoists. People supported AAP when they said they'll fight corruption. Unfortunately, that was merely a charade pulled to gain people's support for the party whose members are working day and night to break this nation apart.

This Binayak Sen was appointed to planning commission by Sonia Gandhi. Sonia also took Maoists like Bijoy Sen, Harsh Mander, Aruna Roy as NAC members..

If you want to know who else supports Binayak Sen, check this link:

With such strong political, media and church support, how do you fight the terror of Maoists ?

-via ShankhNaad

We Indians are getting killed in Bomb blasts by these same separatists bleeding India, And Congress, AAP are supporting these Terrorists ?

What kind of politics is this?

Should the citizens not question their political motives?

Their political agendas? Are they getting huge funding from overseas for the same reasons? To kill innocent Indians and Break India?

If you study AAP list of candidates in this national elections... most are supporters of these separatists and also working with Maoists, Naxalites. These are the same activists who requested our President, not to hang Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab.

Some of them are running NGOs, receiving huge funds from outside organizations for their so called social activities. And are these political parties like Congress and AAP asking us to Elect their candidates in this national elections? If they come to power in the center, it will not take time to disintegrate India. That is what they are working for. 

Just what is happening? Who is working against India?

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher 

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